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Friday, May 27, 2011

the martha list.

the martha list

I have been exceptionally lazy this week and have not properly cared for my Pinterest boards, so there is no Vocabulary Lesson. Instead, I've decided to share a daily inspiration list from my magic little notebook.

Every night before bed, I watch an episode of the Martha Stewart Show (gotta love the DVR!). As I'm falling asleep, I scribble down craft ideas or recipes that I want to try. I also keep an impeccable inspiration + source list in OneNote.

As I started to fall asleep on Monday night Dave suggested that we make rock candy. I have only made rock candy once in my life, and I failed miserably. I checked the refrigerator every 20 minutes, and all I ended up with was a big glass of sugar water. Here's to second chances!

Cucumber + Hondeydew Juice sounds amazing! Our juicer has been getting dusty, and I think this maybe the perfect juice to get things back in order. It sounds so refreshing!!!!!
Does anyone have any good juicer recipes? I've really only juiced apples and kale; it's time to branch out.

I saw Mint Chocolate chip cookies on a blog, and can't wait to try them!!!! The recipes seems easy enough. I am usually threatened by baking just about anything, but these seems reasonable.

How do you organize all of your own crafty plans?


Anastasia said...

I've never been able to make rock candy. I thought it had to be in room temp?? Maybe that's why I always fail....

My organization is LISTS lots and lots in my little notebook c:

littlebirdbigcity said...

When I was juicing all the time a few years ago, my favorite was always apple, carrot, ginger. Anything with fresh apples and ginger totally rocks my world. Beets are great because they turn everything that gorgeous purple color. Don't be intimidated by the baking, you're going to rock it!