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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Encyclopedia of Craft; Volume 1: Tissue Paper Flowers

vintage tissue paper flowers

I've already done two projects! I guess this is going well.

Tissue paper flowers are really addictive to make. It took me 6 flowers to finally understand the process and get a finished flower that seemed stable. On the first few, I didn't wait for the glue to dry so they ripped a little in the centers. I tried to use scotch tape in the place of fine gauge floral wire and that didn't work out too well, either. I bought really cheap, sort of shiny, floral tape that t looked kind of tacky.

But by flower number 6, I had something to share that didn't make me feel embarrassed.

I guess the lesson I learned this week is to always use the proper tools.

I've been thinking about this vintage craft encyclopedia project , and I'm starting to wonder what I should do with the FO's. I obviously can't keep them all. Do you think I should sell the things I'm not keeping on Etsy? It would help fund the cost of supplies, and it would keep clutter at bay. This is meant to be a learning experience, so I would probably just list them at the cost of supplies (without figuring in time or overhead). Is it a good idea or am I insane?


tissue paper peonies

tissue paper peonies

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Anastasia said...

I say go for it! Sell it. C:

Also: ahh, tissue paper flowers. In San Antonio, they are an eternal icon of elementary school fiesta celebrations. The amount of these I have made over the years!

littlebirdbigcity said...

I love the flowers! I want them everywhere. So nice they won't wilt :)
I don't see a problem with selling the crafts on etsy. Certainly no harm in trying!

Mandy @ Miss Indie said...

Those flowers are lovely! I totally want to make some now.
I say sell your stuff! I use to sell on Etsy and sold a lot, I'm sure you will too! :]

Jessi said...

It doesn't hurt to try!

They turned out cute! you have inspired me to try and make something out of the Martha Stewart Livings I get in the mail - I always just look at the pictures and then set them aside!