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Thursday, June 02, 2011

FO: Woodland Wreath

Woodland Wreath

I went into this project intending to finish the most perfect spring wreath. It was going to be oval, and covered in pastel mushrooms with a handmade cotton spun bunny standing in the center.
I had seen someone on TV soak the wreath and then re-shape it, removing the bits at the top top make a sort of oblong shape. I soaked it overnight. NOTHING HAPPENED. I soaked it for another day. NOTHING HAPPENED. I added dish soap and vinegar to the water. I am terrible at chemistry. NOTHING HAPPENED. This wreath refused to be re-shaped.
The perfectionist inside of me is on the verge of tears, but the wabi-sabi bro is telling me to just "chill-out, man".
I've already hung it in our little entryway and I'm slowly coming around. I think I would like it more if I could come up with names for the sheep (which I found at Sears, oddly enough).
Naming things always makes me feel better about them.

Let's make a list of really cute sheep names in the comments!!!

woodland wreath

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Erin Joy said...

Percy and Lulu (or Annabel) - dig the mushrooms - where are they from?

Quinn said...

I love your wreath, where did you find the tiny mushrooms? You could be a nerd and name your sheep after different cloud formations like Cumulus (the big fluffy ones) and Cirrus (the wispy feathery ones)

Clare said...


lilea said...

Liam and Myrtle.

Applesin said...

Love Percy, maybe Nathanial?

sko_G knits said...

mutton and hogget

kyle kunnecke said...

I think it's an adorable wreath! When I want a grapevine wreath to change shape, what I usually do is unwrap the vine that's around the wreath (it might break; don't worry) and then pull apart the wreath so that it becomes more dimensional. It might come apart in a few bunches (and it WILL make a mess) - then, I "recoil" the wreath however I want it to look, using floral wire wrapped in brown floral tape to hold its shape. It's also the way I begin to make more dimensional wreaths - by pulling some of the grapevine forward and giving it more volume.

You might want to try this next time you're making a wreath... just remember; it's messy!

WillyG said...

Gorple and Ferg.

Dave said...

Astrophe and Erpillar

knitwick said...

The wreath is awesome. Don't ever think otherwise...

The mushrooms are fantastic.

Names? I do like the name Percy, as suggested before. Also, Oliver! They seem like good sheep names.