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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Works Cited: Beatrix Potter Knitting

beatrix potter knitting

Sometimes, I just do random searches on Etsy to see what pops up. One day I was thinking about how I'd like to learn how to use watercolors, which eventually led me to Beatrix Potter. I mean, obviously, I knew who she was. A childhood friend of mine had had an affinity towards Jemima Puddleduck, and so we often read things from the Beatrix Potter body of work.

In addition to being an excellent writer, Beatrix Potter was quite an artist and after several pages of Beatrix Potter inspired china and figurines I finally came to this book. I couldn't find a fully scanned copy anywhere on the internet, but I did get to see a few shots of the patterns. I ordered it and prayed that there was some good stuff inside.

Owl Sweater

And I'm glad I did!!!! Can you believe those owl sweaters?! I'm definitely going to hone my color work skills because these need to made.


This is perhaps the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want to make this in a grown-up-man-boy size. I just hope I can score a nappy broom and a man-sized pair of wellies before the FO photo shoot.


I wasn't going to share this one. Can you believe how stingy I am?

All-in-all, the book is about 50/50 as far as "the good stuff" goes, maybe I'll do another post with all the heinous patterns I didn't share.


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-A Photoshop Tutorial
-A Woodland Wreath
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Clare said...

I had all the beatrix potter books when I was a kid. Loved them. And when we went to england when I was eight, we went to visit her house. It was this cutesy little cottage. If I ever have a daughter I want to name her Beatrix. Such a good name. Quaint, austere, classic and sassy all in one.

Kaitlin said...

Eee! Tom Kitten!

Those sweaters are to die for, I really hope you post the scary ones soon.

Anastasia said...

oh god every day i don't know how to knit i want to punch myself in the face. that kitty sweater is AMAZING

WillyG said...

When all the other pictures are filtered out, these don't look nearly as horrifying as I first thought.

knitwick said...

Looks like an awesome find!! Please do share some horrible patterns as well. You know, to be fair...

sko_G knits said...

ok. LOVE the frog legs. you could totally modernize that look

miss indie said...

Ohmygosh owl sweater!! Holy crap. And is it cheesy that I would wear that frog sweater....because I totally would. :]

Jessi said...

love the Tom Knittery one!