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Monday, June 20, 2011

Guest Blogger: Tram Huynh


I have a test tomorrow morning at 9:00am, so I don't have time to write an adequate post. Luckily, I still have a stockpile of Tram remixes!!! She's really doing a great job, and taking some of the weight off of my shoulders when things get hectic!



Hi there! My name is Tram Huynh (see that smiling doofus in the picture below? Yeah that’s me…)
I'm here today to provide some styling ideas for your thrift store finds. As we all know in this economy that nobody is paying retail for anything anymore, so why not venture into your local thrift store now and then? That’s where the real fashion treasure lies ;)


Wool Shorts, Two Ways:

1. trench coat: BB Dakota, Macy's; turtleneck, shorts: thrifted; clutch: fleamarket; studs from

2. cardigan: Forever 21, thrifted; button down: Zara, thrifted; boatshoes: Forever 21, Ebay


Coming Up...

-Vintage Birthday Card
-Tissue Paper Peonies
-Connor the Clown
-Our Bathroom; A Work in Progress.
-An Easy Recycled Vase

...and so much more!!!


Jenny Holiday said...

I'm totally down with doofuses. But spell check on the other hand is not. ;)

Thanks for popping by my tiny corner of blogland...and for your sweet words about my tiny chair pic. I seriously just got lucky. I'm beyond newbie with any sort of fancy shizz.

Good luck with that test! :)

Ever in Pt. Pleasant or Sleazeside?

xo Jenny

Anastasia said...

i may be in love with you tram