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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Liebster Blog Award!!!!

Hey Everybody!!!!

I was given a Liebster Blog Award by one of my favorite new readers!
It really means a lot! I've been working hard to revamp the space, and provide quality content for all of you.

The Liebster Blog Award started in Germany (obvs) and was intended to drive traffic to hidden gems (blogs with less than 300 readers). Upon acceptance of the Liebster award, the recipient is then obligated to "pay it forward" to 3 small blogs that they enjoy.


My first nominee is Jaqi of the also newly re-vamped Il Filato Dolce. Jaqi is an amazing knitter and good friend. Jaqi will be guest blogging here about her upcoming move across the country, as well as on her own site. She is also taking the same online blogging course as me, so expect to see great things from her in the near future!

My next nominee is Anastasia of Ugly Plants. Her blog was the first one that I saved when I signed up for Bloglovin'. Anastasia is probably the coolest girl on the internet. Even on the days when I hit "mark all read", I still check her blog to make sure I didn't miss anything! I mean, how many other people can quote "King of the Hill" and share a Bikini Kill video in the same week? I think we may be long lost siblings.

And finally, there's GwenStella of Because She Started Knitting. Even though the word "knitting" is in the title, Gwenstella's blog is definitely a lifestyle blog. She knits, crochets and probably even flies. She is slowly persuading to do me to do some kinda boy-wardrobe-remix thing. Hers are always so good!

Check out all three of these blogs! You won't be sorry!

(And girls, be sure to pay it forward!)



eat my shorts said...

:) Yay! Can't wait for the weekend to check these blogs out!

Jessi said...

I did the red velvet course too :)

Anastasia said...

:D! I love you! Congrats dude! P.S. I've been suspecting the lost sibling thing too :P

littlebirdbigcity said...

Congrats! You deserve it, your blog is a wonderful thing!

gwenstella said...

yikes! I was soooo surprised when I scrolled down and saw a pic of myself!!! and as usual, you made me laugh ;)


and before i forget... congratulations! You definitely deserve the reward.

P.S.: I'm still waiting for your wardrobe/outfit posts! :P