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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My New Haircut!


So, there it is.
I told the lady i wanted it "kinda swoopy and vintage-like".
I'm not very good at explaining things.
I listed my hair idols (james dean, elvis, morrissey), but didn't show her any pictures.

I'm hoping it will grow into a decent pompadour.

Let's come up with a list of guys that have great hair!


Coming up....
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-A Vintage Inspired Birthday Card
-Super Fun Gift Wrapping
-A List of Photoshop Actions I Use
-Our Bathroom Makeover


Mel said...

It still works! Esp. with that cardigan. Love it.
Okay, great hair: Ted Danson in Cheers. I hear rumors that he wore a wig, but I don't care. His hair is like an entire continent in that show. A big fluffy continent.
Also, I kind of hate to say it, but I've always loved Robert Pattinson's hair.

Anastasia said...

Nah, it looks really good. itll grow and youll love it even more!!


ugh and i went and found this picture coz i was gonna say this guy, of the avett brothers at the grammys, but upon finding the picture im disappointed in my memory of the hair:

Quinn said...

Your haircut looks awesome, I love pompadours! here's my list:
Andrew Garfield
Darren Criss
Robert Pattinson (the only thing good about him imo)
Adam Lambert
Sean Penn
Bruno Mars (when it's not curly)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Bradley Cooper

gwenstella said...

yes to James Dean! umm... what about Johnny Depp? and maybe John Travolta is Grease? that may be a little over the top... :P

btw, think we need a "before" photo? :P

eat my shorts said...

Awesome haircut. And awesome gnome.

Jessi said...

I think it looks great! I think it's totally reminiscent of your hair idols

Sarah said...

Love the new 'do!

Leigh-Ann said...

you're a neat guy, I'm really enjoying your blog :)