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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Caturday; A Video Blog (sort of).

Hey kids!!!

On Thursday after class, Dave and I stopped by Starbucks for Frappaccinos. It was super hot and class was insanely boring, so I needed a little reward :-)
I left my drink on the coffee table while I scanned the DVR for new episodes of Martha (is she on vacation? there have been a lot of reruns). Anyway, when I turned back to my drink (a grande mocha coconut) this is what I saw.
Our eight-month old Somali kitten, Pumpkin, had already given it a little taste!!!
(Don't worry, she didn't drink any coffee. She just licked all of the condensation off of the cup).

This got me thinking. The cats are always doing cute stuff, why don't I share their adventures on Saturdays? The internet loves cats, right? I hope so.

I hope you have enjoy the first installment of Caturday, and I promise to get better at using the FlipCam.



Jessi said...

the internet does love cats lol

I wish my cats were less fat and lazy and more blog worthy cute :)

Erin Joy said...

Yay for kitties and kitty-lickin' tunes! My three are more into studying the properties of inertia, although Myla-Mae likes to lick wet feet fresh from the shower.

Oh, and biscuit dumplings - all the way, esp. pesto flavored. OMG good.

eat my shorts said...

Condensation = nomnomnom

Anastasia said...

Yeah, we do love our cats out here. :DDDD

I love my dog but sometimes I just want a cat theyre too funny. tho my dogs a fan of condensation too.

Eliza said...

awesome, possum. this makes me miss my kitteh. it also makes me want to pet your kitteh (looks so soft!).

The Feisty Redhead said...

Martha's definitely on vacation. Appreciate those archives, cause they're all you've got!

knitwick said...


Also Mocha Coconut Frappuccino = <3 <3 <3