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Sunday, June 26, 2011

PMV: Tender Forever

I really love Tender Forever.

Like a lot.

I couldn't choose just one video, so I didn't!

While I really love doing these PMV posts, I feel like it's time to re-format.
Music is very important to me and my creative process, and I'd like to make more of a connection between my personal/creative/blogger lives (as the are all quite funny little animals).
I've been working (in my head) on a new way to present these Music Monday posts in a unique way.

Check back next Monday for "Vinyl Monday!", I have a feeling you're really going to like it.


Coming Up...

-Connor the Clown
-Our Bathroom; A Work in Progress.
-An Easy Recycled Vase
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-A Braided Rug

...and so much more!


Colby Kern said...

This wouldn't normally be something I'd listen to you, but I'm glad you shared because I kinda like it!

eat my shorts said...

Love it! :)