knitxcore.: Vocabulary Lesson: "Fete Champetres"

Friday, June 17, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson: "Fete Champetres"


backyard bbq

fete champetres- n. a garden party, picnic or similar outdoor entertainment.


I keep pretending that I don't live in a tiny condo. I plan crazy outdoor parties that could never happen . We don't even own a grill.
The reality is that we have a small wooden patio and a old george foreman grill.
I kept everything on a small scale for once, and I think that this could actually work.
Wanna come over for a "fete champetres"? I have enough room for, like, 4 guests (and they will have to sit side by side).

bbq bunting

bbq gun.

bbq lantern

bbq tray


Erin Joy said...

I'll bring the pesto pasta.

eliza said...

the chairs in that top picture are out of control awesome.

patience said...

haha - then we have a lot in common! i'm having a dinner party next week for 8 people. minor details being that we have no dining room, no table and only 6 chairs. hmmmm...

diane said...

i stared + stared at that first picture trying to determine the following: is that a fancy pants grill or some kind of giant shish-kabob rotisserie?

i'm a teacher + it's summer so i have time to ponder such things.

Davitron said...

I saw this great recipe for avocado potato salad on a vegan blog the other day. I'll be bringing my weight in that and MAYBE i'll share :P (pass the ketchup gun!)

Jessi said...

I always plan parties that are to big for my living space - but it ends up working out!

knitwick said...

I'm totally there. And I'll bring some punch for the cooler!

Jenny Holiday said...

Too darn cute...seriously. Why can't you live next door? I'd make these corn cob cupcakes...