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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Guest Blogger: Tram Huynh

Tram is the most fashionable girl I know!!! She always looks like a million bucks, even if she only spent a few. Her keen eye and impeccable styling were what first caught my attention. We met in a public speaking class, where we had to critique each other's work. My critique always included "great outfit" of "You look so pulled together!". She had done a presentation on thrifting and that's when I knew that she was probably the coolest girl in the class.

She has prepared a companion to her thrifting tips post from last week, about how to style your new thrift store finds.
She's broken up the styling posts into three installments, which I know you will all love.These posts are sort of wardrobe_remix inspired, in that you're taking certain elements and creating several different outfits with them. She's worked really hard on all of her guests posts and I'm so happy to able to share them with you.



Hi there! My name is Tram Huynh (see that smiling doofus in the picture below? Yeah that’s me…)
I'm here today to provide some styling ideas for your thrift store finds. As we all know in this economy that nobody is paying retail for anything anymore, so why not venture into your local thrift store now and then? That’s where the real fashion treasure lies ;)


Cheerleading skirt and wool blazer two-ways:

1. jean jacket: Gap kids; necklace: gift; vintage raybans; pleated mint green blouse: Marshall's; green cheerleading skirt: thrifted; silver satin pumps: BCBGIRLS, Ebay

2. silk slip, wool blazer, bag: thrifted; heels: Bakers; gold bracelet: flea market; watch: Movado, gift

3. white corset bra top: thrifted; metallic clutch: Nine West, Boscov's; thick-rimmed glasses: men's section @ Urban Outfitters; watch: Liz Claiborne, yard sale; heels: BCBG, Ebay; leggings: Kensie Girl, Macy's


Anastasia said...

These are wonderful! I'm ridiculously in love with that blazer. It's basically the exact one that's been in my brain for like 2 years.

Tram said...

Aw thank you so much :) Yeah, I'm a total sucker for brown wool blazer. Always be on the look out for older brands because the craftsmanship is more evident. Good luck on your search!