knitxcore.: Vocabulary Lesson: "Inspirit".

Friday, June 10, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson: "Inspirit".


Inspirit- (verb) to fill with vigour; inspire.

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Someone special has a birthday coming up this week, so I've been collecting sort of celebratory ideas to make this one special. I've been working diligently on a few projects that I'll share with you sometime next (including a super awesome vintage craft that I can't wait to show you!). I hope you enjoy this week's collection. I'm really excited about each and every item. What's inspiring you this week?

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I've been using this eraser stamp technique all week! The most cute!!!
(Get Spotty @ lil' magoolie)


Confetti-dipped gift wrap!!!! I bought a bag of confetti and I'm ready to go!!!!!
(Dipping Confetti @ Tokketok)

air plants

Ferociously adorable air plants!!!!
(Dinosaur Planters @ BloominHappy)


Rollin' with the Gnomies!
(Young Gnomes @ BunniesandAvacado)


The most magical wands!!!!
(Make Nice @ ReadyMade)

Coming Up...

-My New Haircut
-Styling Thrift Store Finds with Tram
-Caturday; A Video Post
-Vintage Inspired Birthday Cards

... and so much more!!!


gwenstella said...

i love the first idea! it's simple yet still so pretty! nothing's been inspiring me this week. :S

can't wait for your upcoming posts! :D

Anastasia said...

amazing! i've been wanting to try the confetti wrap for a while.

also, I WNAT TO MAKE THOSE WANDS. but i dont know what ill do with 10 wands.

Jessi said...

Love these!

I'm excited to see the projects you've been working on :)