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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Conner the Clown's Big Adventure!

tissue paper peonies

I know that you've seen this picture before. However, this time I want to take a moment to discuss the clown made out of stones.

About two weeks ago, a girl with spiderwebs drawn on her eyes came into my store with a group of friends. They shopped for awhile and came up to the register to check out. Spiderweb girl's friend kept whispering "the clown", but I didn't know what she was talking about. Before they left, Spiderweb girl (whose name I now know) asked me if I was a cool person. I kindly informed her that I was not. She then asked if I had known any cool people. I told her that I didn't, but that I had seen a few on the internet. She said something like, "that's good enough" and handed me that clown made out of painted rocks.

She said that Conner the Clown was beginning a journey and that he had his own facebook page where he would record all the places he had been.

I was his first stop. I planned to take him to the beach and the zoo, and I really dropped the ball. So the picture above is one of the few pictures on his page, so far.


I've been dying to do a giveaway, but haven't had very much time to focus on making things for my shop. So, Conner is going to be my first!

Of course, I am obligated to make sure that he goes to a safe home where he will stay for a short time before continuing on his quest. If he becomes "injured" in any way you need to be willing to give him the proper care (a dribble of hot glue) and send him on his way. I'd like to keep his journey exclusive to blogland in order to easily track his exciting new life outside of the Cape May Library.

If this sounds like something you would be up to (and you are willing to ship him out to the next blogger), leave a comment below listing all of the places you would take Conner in your neighborhood! I'll pick a winner next Wednesday, and send Conner on his way!


Coming Up...

-Conner's New Home
-A Work in Progress; Our Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Planning and Prepping: A Braided Rug
-A Trip to the Zoo with Il Filato Dolce: Part 2
-Book Discussion; The Life of Pi
-List: Inspiring People

...and so much more


Erin Joy said...

Ah, what a cute and fairly non-scary clown. I don't have Amelie-type connections so I guess I'd take him to the usual hangouts...the park, the library and of course wherever What Hearts, Lostlander, Blind Pilot or Sallie Ford is playing next...

And thanks much for the scarf love! Praise be to a/c so I can wear it around the house in July!

annaremedial said...

As I live by Disneyland, I'd probably take Conner on a small tour. Also, I work at a comic book store, so I would bring him to work on new book day so he could meet all my customers.

Jessi said...

lol this is so funny:)

I am also intrigued by the spider web eyes... i am trying to picture exactly what that looks like!

Anastasia said...

AHH this is so great! I'm a sucker for things like this. Did you ever do/read "Flat Stanley" in elementary school"??

I actually couldn't take him as I'm moving in the next couple weeks D': I just wanted to say how cute/great this is.

Rebecca said...

I would take him into the on-air booth during my radio show. :3

Rae said...

ooo how fun!
i live in nashville so i would take him to the replica of the parthenon! and to our next pug group meetup!