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Thursday, July 07, 2011

A Trip to the Cape May Zoo: Part 2

Cape May Zoo 6

I started this post on Tuesday with a peek at the goats and pigs of the Cape May Zoo. So, if you are interested in following the whole trip, start there.

There were exactly 750 million birds at the zoo. I counted. It wouldn't have been that big of a deal if I weren't deathly afraid of birds bigger than my fist. When I was little guy, I was trapped in a car by a gang of street wise geese who wanted more than day old bread. It damaged me for life. They were everywhere; pecking on the hood and the doors, stomping on the roof and peering through the windows. Probably, one of the scariest moments of my life.

Anyway, I somehow held it together well enough to snap a few photos.



Cape May Zoo 7

Cape May Zoo 8

Cape May Zoo 9

Cape May Zoo 10

Cape May Zoo 11

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Applesin said...

Those Black Swans were seriously scary... not because of the movie but because of the way they singled that poor one out :(

Reuben said...

Looks like you had a greast time. I can picture your childhood goose incident so well. It reminded me of a funny ad we have over here ( The kid's reaction is priceless. I'm sure you can relate.

Colby Kern said...

I love the zoo so much! I want to go!

Jessi said...

We used to drink under a bridge as teenagers (classy I know!) where some swans lived - they just stared at us, so now I am not afraid of birds :)