knitxcore.: Vinyl Monday: Tilly and the Wall.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vinyl Monday: Tilly and the Wall.

Vinyl Monday


Let's say that I work at an "edgy" teen retailer. When I first started, there was a girl named Julie who worked there, and she had the coolest taste in music. She was always telling me about the newest/hippest bands. I remember one day she had asked me if I liked a band called "Tilly and the Wall", and of course I pretended to love them. I didn't want to look like a sad little mainstreamer.


A week or two later, I was in someone's car on the way to some tacky house party with an equally hip girl named Mary. She was the kind of of girl that didn't seem real. She wore golden shoes and wooden parrot earrings. She had a kewpie little cherub face and black rose tatoos on her wrists. She put on mixtape; Bright Eyes, Azure Ray and Tilly and the Wall were on it. This time I didn't pretend I knew who they were. Maybe it was the intimacy of the small space or the fact that I wanted to get as much info about being adorable as I could from the tiny little Brooklynite. She told me all about Tilly and their tap dancing percussionist.

After that night, I've been one of Tilly's biggest fans! I've seen them live 3,333 times, and each of those times was more fun than the last.

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Rae said...

i LOVE tilly and the wall too. sadly i only saw them live once. but i listen to their albums alllll the time!

gwenstella said...

oooh love this song! i like how the spirit of the song simply screams, 'oh happy days!'. :D

Davitron said...

i love love love me some tilly and the wall, but i always miss seeing them live somehow! I have the worst luck ever.

littlebirdbigcity said...

Great band, for sure! HAven't listened to them in awhile. Thanks for the reminder!

elephantJuice said...

Aww, you've named three of my favourite bands! I've not listened to any Azure Ray for a while, I'm off to dig some out now :)

Ashley said...

How can you not love Tilly and the Wall? They're so happy! I've only heard a few of their songs over the years, but this video is so cute I will definitely make more of an effort to hear more :)

Cassy said...

What socks are those in your Vinyl Monday pic? I luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurve them.