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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The (Finished) Black Apple Apron!

the black apple apron

the black apple apron 2

the black apple apron 3

I finished the apron!!!!

There's nothing like twelfth hour crafting. I was pinning and sewing up until 6:30 today, knowing I had to have this gift ready for 7:00. I was so excited to wrap it and give it to Jaqi of Il Filato Dolce as a going away gift. Jaqi and I have recently developed a pretty close friendship (and at lightning speed) after knowing each other for more than five years. I hope her journey to Portland goes as planned, and that everything is perfect in her new home!

In addition to "the apron that launched a million migraines", I also gave her a copy of David and I's favorite cook book, Apples for Jam. The photography is stunning and the recipes are so simple and rustic that they would make anyone feel like a rock star in the kitchen.

What is your favorite cookbook?

I'm sure you all want the real dirt on this project, so here it goes:

Apron Pattern: "Cafe Apron", Simple Sewing by Lotta Jansdotter.
Embroidery Pattern: "The Black Apple" for Sublime Stitching.
Rick Rack trim Inspiration: "Farmgirl Pillow", Stitched in Time by Alicia Paulson.

All components, with the exception of the embroidery, were vintage and found on Etsy.

I hope you all love this FO as much as I do!


the black apple apron wrapped

Coming Up...

-Connor the Clown: His Journey Begins
-A Work in Progress; The Bathroom.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Book Discussion; The Life of Pi

...and much more


diandra said...

this is beee-u-tiful! i love everything about it.

my favourite cookbook is the REbar modern food cookbook. it's pretty much a standby around here. So many favourite recipes. After that it's pretty much a mix of MSLiving, vintage cookbooks (esp. those women's institute ones), and the post punk kitchen. Oh, and my rural japanese cookbook. so many good ones out there!

janet said...

wow, fungi! that is such a sweet wrap job!

I guess my favorite book is my old Joy of Cooking, which I rely on a lot. I also really enjoy reading cooking blogs like smitten kitchen.

littlebirdbigcity said...

I love the apron, you did some lovely work there!
My favorite cookbook is Baking Illustrated. I haven't found a single recipe in there that I haven't fallen in love with. It's reliable and it's factual. It's a great addition to anyone's baking book collection.

Applesin said...

I love it so much! It's going to be something that I use a lot and always makes me smile. And the Cookbook? I sat and leafed through it for 2 hours when I got home last night. It's awesome, I can't wait to get started! Thank-You again hun, I'm going to miss you so much<3

Anastasia said...

It looks great dude, the ones that are the biggest headache tend to be the most satisfactory end products.

Jessi said...

so cute! I don't know if I have the patience for embroidery!

Colby Kern said...

I loved how this turned out! I also re-did my last post to include you! Check it out!

diane said...

what a marvelous gift you created!

bravo, sir.

*claps enthusiastically*

favorite cookbook: absolutely any williams-sonoma cookbook (such accuracy + deliciousness) and martha stewart's cooking school (chock full o' gorgeousness + every technique you need to know).

Erin Joy said...

That is excellent embroidery - worth the headache, for sure!

Apples For Jam is a terrific book - I love leafing through the photos - Joy of Cooking, Feeding The Whole Family, and every issue of Everyday Food get the most use around here.

Mandy @ Miss Indie said...

I love this!! Holy wow boy, you are so talented.