knitxcore.: Vocabulary Lesson: "Paragon".

Friday, July 08, 2011

Vocabulary Lesson: "Paragon".


ghost ride the whip
paragon. /ˈparəˌgän/. Noun
1. A person or thing regarded as a perfect example of a particular quality.
2. A person or thing viewed as a model of excellence.

Martha Stewart

Martha is obviously my biggest inspiration. Not because she is a gajillionaire or super famous, but because she built an empire out of things that make her happy. If you have read the "About Knitxcore" blurb in the sidebar, you'll see that my grandma is my biggest inspiration and in her haste Martha has been a more than perfect substitute.

Dallas Clayton

Dallas Clayton has child-like eyes. Not in a jar or anything. I guess I mean that he has a really pure aesthetic. I frantically search his blog when I am feeling bad about things, or if a just need a pick me up. His words are like coffee. Black coffee. You know the feeling you get, when you drink that last sip and you feel like you could shoot lightning bolts from your fingertips? Yeah, it's like that.

Miranda July

Do you know how, sometimes, you just feel incomplete and you need something to sort shock you back into being whole? Miranda July has become my go to artist when I feel broken or uninspired. I read a few short stories, or watch a performance piece, maybe a movie and my world view changes back to the way I think it should be.

That seems really indirect.

Miranda July is everything I hope I am. Does that make more sense?

cat stevens

Alright, I have a secret to share. I discovered Cat Stevens through a Better than Ezra song. I think I may have been their biggest fan. Anyway, a lyric ("Cat Stevens was the greatest singer") led me to him. His unabashedly positive lyrics always pick me up. I feel sort of connected to the world around me (in the same way that Ms. July "connects" me) when I listen to his music. It sort forces me out of my head and into a sweeter reality.

I felt really wird about sharing this post, and I apologize for the ambiguous language but it's really hard to share EXACTLY what certain people/things means to you because it's all so mental.



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Lilea said...

Thanks for turning me on to Dallas Clayton. I love him. Oh, and I completely get it about Cat Stevens!

Rae said...

i really love martha stewart too. i think she is so great and driven and amazing.

Anonymous said...

I learned about Cat Stevens from the movie harold and maude, he did the whole soundtrack and besides developing a sick obsession with the movie itself, but I also fell in love with Cat Stevens music
great post


Mel said...

Ah! I love this post. Also: That beehived beauty is MARTHA?! Woah, man.

I think my heroes would have to be Bowie (naturally), Edna St. Vincent Millay & John Stewart.

Jonathan said...

Dallas has been a favorite of mine for a long time. I check his site everyday to see what new wisdom/tidbit he has to impart on the world.

You know how when you come to know someone, and you forget that they could ever look any different? I always picture Martha Stewart as an aging granny, nothing like the black-and-white picture of the Bump-it-ed hair I saw. Thanks for reminding me.