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Sunday, September 25, 2011

fruit stand faves: seckle pears!

seckel pears

there's a little fruit stand not far our house that sells mostly local stuff, and every year they get some zany thing i never heard of. last year, i was severely obsessed with fresh cranberry beans. we ate them 2-3 times a week during their sadly short growing season.

honey roasted seckle pears

this year, there were bushels of the tiniest pears i had ever seen! apparently, they're called "seckle pears" and they are super sweet and super cute. i don't really eat a lot of hand fruits because the size is too intimidating. a "premium-sized" apple could take me over an hour to finish. i'm not a sickly little waif, i just don't like to eat fruit quickly. that being said, the little bebes are the perfect size for a more timid fruitavore.

honey roasted seckle pears

i found a recipe for honey roasted seckle pears, and they're currently in the oven! i can't wait for them to come out! they smell fantastic :-)

what is your favorite autumnal fruit/veg?


Coming up...

-A Work in Progress: Bird Mask.

-Vintage Halloween Inspiration

-Fabric Pumpkins

-Punching (ANOTHER) Rug.

-and maybe a finished sock?

...Stay Tuned!!!!


Lilea said...

My favorite? Almost anything pumpkin. I even make pumpkin ice cream. But, this recipe sounds yummy. I might give it a try.

And where did you get that awesome table cloth!!!

Sian Lile said...

the tablecloth is awesome! and the pears look good too... my boyfriend has a fruit phobia (really. we can't have fruit in the house) so now fruit is really exotic to me and i have to eat it in secret...
pumpkins for me too.x

Rich said...

Yams. "Yam[s] stood for manliness, and he who could feed his family on yams from one harvest to another was a very great man indeed." ––Chinua Achebe, "Things Fall Apart"

Jessi said...

they are so cute! especially in their pyrex dish :)

eliza said...

mmmm... sounds delicious! let us know how the honey roasted seckel pears turn out!

Anastasia said...

UGH Pears are the best. Baby pears?? That's too cute. i would eat so so many ;-;

knitwick said...

I love me some baked apples and pears. Honey glazed tiny pears sound delicious and intriguing...