knitxcore.: punching a rug.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

punching a rug.

rug punch sampler

This is my punch rug sampler for my Crafts class. I ripped a Missoni print, because Target let me down and I have zigzag fever!!!

The loops had to be 3 different lengths, thus the shaggy sections. If I had had my choice, I would have made it all short or long loops, without the awkward medium sections.

rug punch sampler

Most other people made little pictures, but I'm happy with my "abstract" rug.

This sampler was just practice for a larger, Charley Harper inspired rug that I'll be working on next. I'm really excited to get moving on a new project :-)


Coming up...

-A Work in Progress: Bird Mask.

-Vintage Halloween Inspiration

-Fabric Pumpkins

-and maybe a finished sock?

...Stay Tuned!!!!


steven andrew said...

I really wish I was this crafy. I'm tempted to dabble into it, but I don't think I've got the patience for it. :\ I get discouraged really easily.
Yours looks great! :) said...

I LOVE those colors together. Makes me happy. ^_^

emilyjune said...

really nice design :)

Jo Grant said...

Love your work! Your Grandma is great.

eat my shorts said...

Awesome colours

gwenstella said...

ahhhh! Missoni!!! i wish i was in the US right now!

but you know what, i think the Missoni print would look fab as a scarf too! go knit a scarf in Missoni print!!! :D

Anastasia said...

FABRIC PUMPKINS! It's fall. I think it's adorable, great colors.

Jessi said...

love the colours! This must be very time consuming work

WillyG said...

I'm loving the abstract rug, too. Kudos on not doing a picture.