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Monday, September 19, 2011

vinyl monday: lawrence welk.

Vinyl Monday

vinyl monday

Isn't that the worst picture? I should have taken them earlier today.

My grammy used to live across the street from our house. She would go to the VFW and have a screwdriver at dinner, but she always made it back in time to watch "The Lawrence Welk show". She would dance around the living room and sing every song. Watching Lawrence Welk with her is definitely one of my most cherished memories.

I still catch it from time to time, and I'll make Dave watch it with me. It's horribly cheesy, but I think he understands how happy it makes me.

How couldn't you love this?


Lilea said...

Yep, I grew up with Lawrence Welk, too. My Gramma lived with us and she never missed the show.

I can still name all the Lennon sisters! There was Diane, Cathy (my sister's name), Janet (my other sister's name) and Peggy (my middle name).

Geeky, I know.

Anonymous said...

I love looking back on memories like that, it's nice to remember those great moments from when you were younger. :)
I couldn't help but just smile through the video, it's incredible dorky and I love it! Hahah

Anastasia said...

OH MY GOD i love it.

Jessi said...

I like the spoofs they do of it SNL

miss teacups. said...

awww. my gramma listens to and loves lawrence welk. every sunday there is a lawrence welk special on and my mum always calls to remind her that it's on. it's so adorable watching her, she just sits there and dances in her chair and is so happy!

Holly Knitlightly said...

My God. When I was little, like just a little youngin', I LOVED the Lawrence Welk show. Bahaha. Awesome.

WillyG said...

The Lawrence Welk show cracks me up. People tend to look on it as innocent, wholesome fun, but some of their songs make me wonder. My favorite example: "I wanna do more than whistle/ It's fun to do more than whistle/I wanna do more than whistle/ Under the mistletoe!"

That's from the same album which includes a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas that ends every day with "The good Bible of the Lord."

One thing's certain: the show is good for putting a smile on a person's face.

knitwick said...

I love the socks in your header image. Did you knit those?