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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Field Trip: The Giant Pumpkin Show!

giant pumpkin

Yesterday, we went to a giant pumpkin show! Can you believe the size of that thing? Last year's winner was 895 pounds! We didn't stay long enough to see who won this year, but my money was on the one above! The rest of the entries looked like giant blobs. This one was perfect!

largest pumpkin pie!

hand blown glass pumpkins

These glass pumpkins were amazing! Unfortunately they were $50 a piece; definitely not in my pumpkin budget this month.

kellyn loves autumnal towers!

Kellyn went fall decor crazy! She has a new house and no decorations, so this is a totally reasonable reaction to a tower of seasonal gourds. haha. This picture kills me!

scarecrow butt!

I'll leave you with this cute lil' pumpkin butt.

Do you have a giant pumpkin festival near you? How heavy was the the winner?
(I think I may have a burgeoning interest in giant produce!)



Stela said...

that is so awesome!! I wonder if Oklahoma has something like that. I need to find out!

Rae said...

i WISH there was one near me! how awesome! there is one somewhere that after the contest they hollow them out and use them as boats and have a race!

Anastasia said...


i dont know if pumpkins grow down here. this looks like 3 tons of fun c: i love harvest-related festivals!!!

steven andrew said...

I love those glass pumpkins! I would love to go to a giant pumpkin show!

eliza said...

awesome! do you watch community? because all i could think of when viewing that last picture was: "You're jealous of me.... Maybe it's because when I put on these skinny jeans, my ass looks like a baby pumpkin." (Pierce Hawthorn/Chevy Chase)

Jessi said...

I need that pie....