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Monday, October 10, 2011

vinyl monday: belle and sebastian..

Vinyl Monday

vinyl monday: belle and sebastian.

I feel like today has been really hectic. I had a lot of school work to do and I *tried* to clean the house a little. A month of feeling "icky" has really taken it's toll on our humble abode. Flylady system or not.
I spent the morning lounging around watching Martha and eating Count Chocula on the couch, so I have no one to blame but myself.
I had a to-do list written out for today, but I threw it away so I wouldn't have to look at all of the things i didn't do.

I ended up ordering a pizza for dinner because I just feel sort of overwhelmed.
Sometimes, you just have to hit the off switch!

I picked Belle and Sebastian for this Vinyl Monday post because I love to listen to them when I relax.

What are your favorite "day-off" things to do?


Coming up...
-the finished garland
-the finished Bird Mask.
-Vintage Halloween Inspiration
-a pile of Finished Fabric Pumpkins
-WIP: Punching (ANOTHER) Rug.
-A Haircut
-and maybe a finished sock?
...Stay Tuned!!!!


Mel said...

I should have said this weeks ago, but I have that same Flashdance record. Woo!
But damn, I love Belle and Sebastian. They're good chill-out music.

Jada said...

yay belle and sebastian! Love your vinyl mondays :)

Erin Joy said...

They still make Count Chocula??

Anastasia said...

That flylady website is too too awesome.

p.s. i nominated you for an award! yay c: