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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

DIY gift wrap.

making wrapping paper!

I took a stab at Create Love's chevron paper tutorial, knowing that I should never ever use paint. Ever.

Paint and I have a terrible relationship. Paint never listens to me. It does what ever it wants. It gets all over the kitchen floor and in my hair. I find spots weeks later. I always get fingerprints all over whatever I'm working on. I use wayyyyy too much or far too little.

making wrapping paper!

It's weird really. You'd think that a crafty fella like me wouldn't wince at word like "paint", but I do. It's the worst.

I really should re-frame my thinking and approach the potential gloppy mess with a" can-do attitude". It would probably be reflected in the finished object.

But, I just can't.


That being said, I do intend to give this wrapping paper another whirl, because I really really love how cute in looks all wrapped up under the tree on the Create Love blog.

I'm a glutton for punishment, yeah?

Are they any supplies that you just abhor?


Erin Joy said...

I think your wrapping paper looks great - and the mess is basically my favorite part. When I leave preschool and kindergarten I'm always covered in paint. Once I forgot and went to the store like that. When I got home I realized just why I was getting funny looks in the dairy aisle... It's paper mache that gets me down. The ick factor is too high for me!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love paint, but I feel your pain. I have to be in just the right mood or it's a complete drag, but when I'm geared for it, I have the best time.

I HATE rickrack. I know some people love it, and I guess it has some retro cred, but it just skeeves me out like no other braid or trim. I don't even know why!

Lilea said...

Robbie, I have the same problem when I eat mustard! I find it everywhere... for days! Never happens with ketchup, just mustard.

As far as a crafting thing that I hate, I hate cross stitch. I'm not sure why. I love the way it looks, but I really hate doing it.

Katie and Reuben said...

I think your paper looks awesome! And would be perfect not only for Christmas but for birthdays and things as well. But I totally hear you about paint! I find paint impossibly difficult to work with too. It just doesn't do what it's told!


Applesin said...

Chalk/ Charcoals... They make my teeth 'shiver' and I hate the feel of them between my fingers. It's the weirdest thing. :(

Jessi said...

I hate gathers when sewing - they are easy enough but for some reason I always break the thread at least once and have to start over