knitxcore.: WIP: a terrycloth lion.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

WIP: a terrycloth lion.


I started making this lion for the Softies for Mirabel Auction but, I'm so afraid that it's not going to be finished in time. I sourced mostly vintage materials on Etsy and I'm still waiting for a few things to arrive.


I have to decide on a nose and mouth and how I'm going to make the mane. There's a pompom maker (my pompoms are awful, I hope it helps!) and some vintage velvet ribbon floating around America, waiting to to be plopped on my doorstep by our reckless mail-person and I only have two weeks to wrap this lil' guy up AND to have him shipped safely to Australia!


I have no idea if I'll be able to get him ready in time. I really shouldn't have drug my feet in getting all of the supplies together, but I guess that if I don't finish him in time I could always donate him to a local charity that accepts handmade things. Are there any?


Keep your fingers crossed! If you have anything ready to go, or you work faster than I do you should send something!


Erin Joy said...

Oooh, what a good idea! I can't wait to see how he turns out. Wouldn't a pompom mane be adorable?? You could satin-stitch the nose - I suck at embroidery, but that's one stitch I can do!

knitwick said...

The lion sounds like it's gonna be awesome!! Good luck with the deadline! The postal service can be so painfully slow sometimes...

Paula McGrath said...

i love your choice of fabrics...always

Jessi said...

looks like it's going to be cute!