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Thursday, November 17, 2011

make: indian corn.

indian corn tutorial

The Amy Sedaris book "Crafts for Poor People" and our lack of Thanksgiving decorations inspired this kitschy indian corn tutorial! It's pretty much self explanatory really, but I'll guide ya, anyway; just for fun.

I know every is knee-deep in Christmas projects but, I couldn't bear to skip over a few Thanksgiving crafts. I look for any reason to wield a glue gun. It's true.

ondian corn tutorial: materials.


-3 pompoms (roughly the same size)
-A roll of natural colored paper twist
-yarn, twine or raffia.
-a gluestick


Step 1: Unroll a portion of paper twist and cut rectangle large enough to accommodate three pompoms with two inches of extra paper at the top.

indian corn tutorial: tie it off.

Step 2: Rub glue across the bottom inside of the rectangle. Roll the edges toward the center and secure with yarn, twine or raffia.

indian corn tutorial

Step 3: Put all three pompoms inside of the "husk" you've created. Push them close together. They don't mind. It's cozy! You can glue them if you want to.

indian corn tutorial

Step 4: Draw another line of glue about a half inch from the pompom at the top. Cinch the husk and secure with yarn, twine or whatever.


This couldn't be easier!

indian corn

So, go make some corn!

(and don't forget to send me pictures! my contact page works now!)


Lilea said...

I love these! I think I may have all the ingredients on hand, too.

Sian Lile said...

well they are just adorable.x

Katie and Reuben said...

Robbie! This is so cute but also, your new blog layout is adorable! Your new header is just super, duper lovely.

Katie x

Rae said...

that is a really cute craft! i need to make some thanksgiving stuff so i can decorate next year. all i have is one little millenary turkey.

Anastasia said...

ohh theyre super cute c:

Stela said...

Love them!!

Jessi said...

this is adorbs! and new blog layout -Exciting!

emilyjune said...

i love how 70's-riffic your blog is, just absolutely love it! no lets go have some jello salad lol