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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

instant gratification: migraine vs. sewing.

migraine heating pad

I haven't had a migraine in quite a long time. I cut out caffeine for a while and it seemed to do the trick. However, yesterday I jumped back on the horse full throttle. By about 8:30 I was three cups in and I couldn't have been happier! I really missed that stuff!

Unfortunately, today has blessed me with quite an awful migraine. I took tylenol. NOTHING. I tried the ice pack thing. NOTHING. I got desperate and went back to my post from a few months ago with all of the remedies that everyone had shared. A lot of them seemed to be preventative, but Lea offered the suggestion of a heating pad. I, too, hate being cold more than anything (except wind. I really really hate the wind.) So I decided to give the heating pad a shot.

The only problem was that I didn't have one.


I rushed into the craft room and cut a scrap of flannel (kinda) straight and sewed as quickly as I could. The migraine seemed to subside a little, so I took the time to mattress stitch the opening closed. Can you believe it? I'm minutes from vomiting all over the couch and I took the time to properly finish the heating pad.

I stuffed it with beans that we use as pie weights, so they kind of stink. I threw in some whole cloves but it didn't make enough of a difference.

After 2 minutes in the microwave, I was ready to go. It was such a relief! The heat really seemed to help!

Thanks, Lea!


Lilea said...

Awww! You're welcome. I guess it makes up for almost having you lose a digit! By the way, we are so much alike sometimes... I HATE wind too!

Lilea said...

Ooooh! A new look. I like it.

Anonymous said...

I get migraines too, so I'm definitely going to try this. :)

Also, I love the new header art. ^_^

Erin Joy said...

Good news! And such cute fabric - who could throw up on that?? I heard just the other day that the opposite can have beneficial properties for migraines - brain freezes from ice cream are supposed to help some folks. Weird!

Sian Lile said...

aw. poor thing. the fabric is lovely and the new look is too!x

Anastasia said...

ahaha dedication to the craft. i'm glad the heating pad helped, too bad it stinks. my mom's does too, maybe it's a thing.

btw, your new layout is GORGEOUS i love love love it :DDD


The Feisty Redhead said...

The sign of a true dedicated crafter -- making sure you finish off that seam correctly even when you're on the verge of dying!

I have a heating pad kinda similar to this that I use during my bad lady times, so maybe I'll give it a go for my migraines, too!

Jessi said...

My grandma uses a sock to make heat pads, with rice and an elastic to close it off