knitxcore.: Field Trip: The Noyes Museum.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Field Trip: The Noyes Museum.


Dave and I went to the Noyes Museum today, so I could evaluate some work for my crafts class. It's a local gallery that houses the work of New Jersey residents. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures inside. However, there were tons of amazing things to see.

David was really smitten with the work of Paul Stankard, an amazing glass artist. I'm almost positive that I've seen him on Craft in America. His flowers and bugs were so realistic that we were seriously contemplating whether or not they were actually made of glass. The exhibit housed over thirty year's of Stankard's work and showcased the progression of his style quite nicely. "poetry in glass" was intended to be homage to Walt Whitman's sensitivity to nature's intricacies. The pieces he has created are stunning!

I was obsessed with Robert Lach's installation, "Refuge". Using found material and reeds from a nearby wildlife refuge, Lach created a series of nests. The largest, found in the center of the room, was big enough to sit in. The giant nest was surrounded by a series of smaller nests "floating" at different heights. The back room of the exhibit housed a handful of nests inside of vintage suitcases. The piece I loved the most had a small nest placed in front of a mirror inside of an American Tourister. The installion really forced me to contemplate the meaning of home and my place in it. It weird how a room full of floating nests made out of garbage makes you think.

I really can't stop thinking about those nests. Such a beautiful installion!



Paula McGrath said...

i've never been to the noyes museum (i know...) - but have been wanting to go for a while. i just have to pay attention to who's art is there and whether or not i would be interested.

...though the "nest guy" seems enjoyable.

Jo said...

love love LOVE the nests. So want to see inside this place, pity you couldn't take pictures.