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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

time to decorate!


We got our first Christmas cards in the mail today! Of course, I tore the house apart looking for the clothespin wreath I made last year to hold them all. That led to digging through every box and taking out a little decoration here and there. Which led to cleaning the entire bathroom, so I could start to decorate it.


The Dreampet deer and the pinecone tree were gifts from my awesome boss and his lovely lady, Paula. The wreath was a really good find from a thrifting adventure last Christmas. We already discussed the record and I've had the snowglobe for AGES!!! Hilariously enough, this lil' vignette is on the back of my toilet :-)

I decided to decorate the bathroom first because it's easy, and some of my favorite decorations hang out there.

Have you started to decorate yet?


beebeeoko said...

Wow, the old dreampets are great! I have almost all of the reissue ones from a few years ago but I bet they don't come close to the originals.
Great display! I like pretty things in the toilet too!

Lilea said...

Lovely. I never put much effort into decorating my bathrooms, but maybe I should! They usually only get the obligatory candle and coordinated towels.

Paula McGrath said...

!!! the colors on the album plus the dreampet go so well together. very nice decor :D

Colby Kern said...

Christmas decorating is my absolute favorite!