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Sunday, December 18, 2011

baking cookies!


I kind of love going into work super early! I leave by 3pm and I have the rest of the day to do whatever I want! It really is a beautiful thing.


I got home and sewed the button onto a scarf I'm giving as a gift, finished a second scarf, prewashed some fabric, and baked a bajillion spritz cookies (with Dave's help, of course!). I actually sort of burned a batch. Baking is on the same list as painting as far as I am concerned; two things I really have no business doing. However, it was really fun to use the cookie gun!!!


This is going to be quite a busy week, but I'm going to update you as much as I can.
I have a really fun DIY planned for this week, so stay tuned!!

What did YOU do today? How is your holiday planning going?


Erin Joy said...

Those red sprinkles bring back memories. And baking is just like painting - the more you do it (and the more relaxed you are about it) the better it gets! We decorated bird houses from the craft store ($1 a piece) and might need to pick up some more, it was that fun!

Lilea said...

Uh oh! Sounds like another Tuesday night with out you!

Anonymous said...

Those cookies look so yummy! Since you made a bajillion, do you think you could spare a few? So today, I went to the mall to finish getting Christmas presents, and of course I went to Target. Twice.

Grateful4Crochet said...

Those cookies look awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Man, those all look delicious! I am so glad we don't have a baker living with us, I'd get so plump! :\ Hahah

Jessi said...

oh they are cute! I have not done nearly as much baking as I had wanted!

Rae said...

i love going in early too! 6 am to 2:3o is my favorite shift. Im working that tomorrow and planning on making some spritz cookies when i get home! i found a great vintage gun at an estate sale this year and i'm excited to use it again! i think i'm going to do almond spritz cookies from the recipe book that came with it!

eliza said...

mmmm.... cookies. yours are lovely! (what is this cookie gun thing? it sounds violent and exciting all at once!) i don't honestly know if i'll have time to make any before the holidays. my role might have to be eater-only. i'm okay with that.