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Monday, December 19, 2011


Can you believe I spent almost the entire day sewing?

I woke up early and went to Lush to pick up a few back-up gifts. I like to have a few "extras" lying around in case I forgot someone; you never know.
I got a few little things for myself, too. (shhhhhh!)

When I got home I cut out all of the pieces for the Surprise Party Wrap Skirt from Pip's book Sew La Tea Do. I forgot to buy interfacing for the waistband, and I needed a handful of other notions from JoAnn's so I ran back out and took care of that.

Seeing no dinner in our future, Dave conned me into eating at the local super giant buffet. I overate and felt deathly ill. My digestive system is crap. So, we hurried home and by the time we got to the door, I was fine; such a fickle tummy!

I forced the cats into a hat and scarf thing we bought at Target and teased them with treat until I got a good picture. It really wasn't easy! In the end Adrienne obliged for exactly 7 treats and a new bowl of water.

And since then, I have been ironing and sewing.


I actually had some really fun knitted FO's to share, but I became so obsessed with working on the skirt that I never took any pictures. Sometimes, you just get in the zone; especially with sewing. Dave watched something like 3 scary movies on Netflix and I didn't say a word (I hate those things!).

I still have to clean up some details and find a way to take pictures of a skirt. Maybe I'll take it to work and make someone model it? Ha!

I can't believe it's midnight! I guess it's time for bed!


Erin Joy said...

Oh man, deep into the final push for handmade holidays! Go Robbie! I've got no less than a scarf, cowl, and sweater on the needles. The kids and I braved the parking lots after we decided Daddy needed one more thing - and they're little enough not to tattle that Mom bought a few things for herself... :) I won't tell if you won't tell!

Cats in hat/scarf thingies? Priceless!

eat my shorts said...

Seriously, your cat is freaking hilarious.

kira said...

I'm glad you didn't feel sick for long! Your cat looks so cute in that little hat! My dog would never allow something like that on their heads.

Paula McGrath said...

you're super talented!

i adore your photography and editing skillz.

oh - and one day i shall be a sewing micro-genius because your projects amaze me.

Anastasia said...

I want to go to a buffet ._.

Dawg yo' cat looks so CUTE. worth it. I gotta get a hat for Percy so he can have a photoshoot too!!!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Best Christmas cat ever!!!
Not sure what the competition is for that title, but yours wins hands down!!

eliza said...

that book looks adorable! i hope you find someone to model it, i'd love to see it!

Rae said...

one yeah i'll get it together and do a handmade holiday.
that little hat scarf thing is so cute!!!