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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Get Healthy!: Week One Wrap-Up.

leeks for beet soup.

Tonight is the last night of week one in our 28 day cleanse!!!! I couldn't be more excited to finally eat some protein (besides nuts and seeds).

Week One had it's highs and lows. The first day was intolerable. I was cranky and I slept most of the day. Neither of us really did much of anything. As the week progressed daily activities became slightly easier in our new, light bodies. Eating clean and eating less actually provides you with an almost euphoric feeling (that may have just been hunger).

Last week's comment about the apples was well received, there was a day were they were completely necessary to "move things along".

It was pretty easy to avoid temptation because we got rid of almost all of the bad food in the house. At work I ate the food I brought with me, or I picked up some fruit or nuts from the coffee shop near our store.

green machine smoothie

The juices were my absolute favorite part. They were such a great start to the day. I don't really like eating in the morning; I just don't feel hungry before lunch. So the juices and smoothies provide a nutrient packed liquid breakfast that didn't leave me feeling forced to choke down oatmeal or eggs as soon as I wake up. Hopefully, I can keep the ball rolling as far as they are concerned.

Some of the recipes were just plain awful, which isn't anyone's fault but my own, but we still forced ourselves to eat them knowing that they were important to our health. The Kale Slaw and the Beet + Garlic Soup really didn't agree with our palettes at all. I ended up having to eat most of the kale all by myself. I took it to work for lunch twice and ate it at home for lunch twice! That's a lot of raw kale.

Tonight, we're having the butternut squash soup again because it was our favorite of all the dishes so far.

During the entire week, I only "cheated" twice. I had a handful of M&M's before I realized what I was doing on Tuesday night and today Dave and I had a lunch date where I opted for some white rice and a piece of grilled chicken. Not too bad, right?

I've noticed that my skin feels smoother, I finally have more energy, and I just feel "happier" in general. Pretty good for just eating a week's worth of fruit and vegetables, huh?

This week's meditation focus was to evaluate our relationship with food, and to separate nourishment from emotional eating. I think that this week we learned a lot about making the right choices both at home and in public, and I couldn't be happier about it.

Here's to an even more successful Week 2!!!

P.S. Don't forget to swing by "Say It Ain't So", to offer words of encouragement to Rae and Travis, my detox buddies!


Jessi said...

I wish I had that kind of commitment! We are on a goal to just stop getting take out and cook all our meals, we'll see how that goes once we are back to work/school next week

Rae said...

we cheated last night at our work party and i have felt awful all day today! i did juice for breakfast and dinner, and the butternut soup from heaven for lunch. i have all the stuff to make the beet soup but have been avoiding it. maybe i'll be brave tomorrow.
i do feel really great after having just my smoothie, trail mix, and soup during the day!

Grateful4Crochet said...

seriously, reading about you doing this is so motivating!!!
Thanks heaps for posting about this

Kira said...

I really want to do something like this, but I don't think there is any way I could get my husband on board with juicing. He kind of hates vegetables and is allergic to a ton of fruits. I know it would be a total pain to try to figure out what he could have/even liked.

Paula McGrath said...

so happy to hear things are going well with your cleanse!

Eartha Kitsch said...

The Mister and I are finally getting ready to start this after finishing off all of the lingering Christmas treats. I'll admit that I'm scared out of my mind. Junk food is my friend. I'm going to trust you that I'll feel euphoric soon. :)