knitxcore.: Resolution #2: Get Organized!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Resolution #2: Get Organized!

messy studio!

There's a lot of discussion about the "authenticity" of blogger's lives lately; do they really dress like that everyday? are their houses perfect? do they ever fail at a crafty pursuit?

Of course, we only show our best sides; our hippest outfits, our cleanest rooms, and our flawless projects. I think that as bloggers we're held to a different standard and I don't really mind that. I love looking at pictures of Danielle Thompson's perfect home and Elsie Larson's too cool for school vintage outfits because they INSPIRE me. They inspire me to vacuum the rugs now and then and to possibly even iron my shirts.

messy studio!

Hopefully, I inspire people to live creatively and to enjoy the process as much as I do. This holiday season was a perfect example of just how much I enjoy making things (and giving them to other people). Unfortunately, in order to finish all of these projects in time to wrap them up by December 25th, I had to let something slide.

messy studio!

My studio is disgusting! There's tape on the walls, stacks of books and tissue paper taller than I am, and piles of unfinished crafts in every corner. It's truly in-navigable!!! There's about three feet of walking space from the door to the work table. I can't find anything. I'm stepping on pins every time I walk in the room. I can barely get to my hamster's cage to feed him. It really is that bad.

messy studio!

And so, now I will look to those A-list bloggers to inspire me once again; this time to finally get my studio organized. I have a very exciting long term project coming up, and I need things to be in order. I can't possibly function in this room in this state. It really is UNACCEPTABLE.

messy studio!

So, this is my honest portrayal of my studio. I didn't move anything or stage any of the pictures (OBVS). It's a mess.

How's that for authentic?

Where do I even begin to tackle this mess?


Stela said...

I love the faces organizer/draw thingy! That's pretty awesome.
It's good to have a messy studio. It shows that it's being used. :)

Grateful4Crochet said...

Good luck with it!!!

The Perfect Pear said...

totally agree bloggers lives sure look perfect! :)
p.s. i love the story of you and your grandma!

Erin Joy said...

One thing at a time - my craft room is a pit of despair right now. Makes me tired just thinking about it...

Nurhayathxcy J. said...

Hi Robbie!
Despite the fact that you have a messy studio right now, please know that you are such an inspiration to me. I love reading your posts about knitting socks. Crochet is my forte but I'm interested in knitting now because I want to knit socks too!
About the studio, I agree with Erin, one thing at a time. Start with the small stuff first, I reckon. Good luck :)

Gabriella E.M Ballard said...

I love how our resolutions match. Even though your studio is slightly messy that's a good thing! That means that you actually use it... My mother used to say that our house is not messy, it is simply lived in. That's my philosophy when it comes to anything that I use frequently like my purse or my yarn collection. Just wanted to let you know that your blog is awesome sauce and to keep up the good work.

Lisa said...

When you find out, please do let us know! My craft room is also our spare room and it's tiny! The spare bed takes up 2/3rds of the room >_< I mainly rely on boxes with chalkboard labels on them to store my supplies in.

steven andrew said...

I love your studio, even if it is messy! I don't envy you for having to clean up, either! :P Haha!

eliza said...

i'm gonna be honest: i don't understand why people have a problem with 'in-authenticity' in blogs. do i want others to see dirty dishes from last nights dinner in my sink? no... so why would i expect to see others dirty dishes?

good luck with organizing your crafty room!

you are always an inspiration to me!

Jessi said...

what your life isn't perfect?? I find myself venting about it to sometimes..Really does Elsie ever wear sweatpants and a shirt? But in reality if they were to post about the lows of their lives I would probably not read their blogs, I don't want to be brought down... but I still want to see Elsie wear sweatpants just once :)

Rae said...

i need to clean my craft room too. i haven't made anything in there since the summer since the work surfaces are just pile of stuff.
i am in love with that thing next to your sewing machine though! are they little drawers with noses? amazing!

S▲R▲H said...

Love the smiley face drawers!!!

Paula McGrath said...

oh no, the lion??

Colby Kern said...

I actually really like your studio. I have an upcoming post about sharing mine too...but it's nothing like yours. Mine is much more...boring. Love all your random treasures :]