knitxcore.: tuesday night knitting club; "hands" edition.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

tuesday night knitting club; "hands" edition.

tuesday night knitting club: "hands" edition.

I decided to dust off an old favorite tonight. "Tuesday Knitting Club" is back. I sit at the table and take pictures of everyone's WIP's, so you can see what us creative types are up to. Those are my hands up there! Unfortunately, I can't share much about what I'm knitting right now but all will be revealed in due time.

tuesday night knitting club: "hands" edition.

The next set of paws belong to my fairy craftmother, Lea, who's working on a bacon inspired pillow. Don't steal her idea :-)

tuesday night knitting club: "hands" edition.

And this last set of manly mitts belong to Will, who's face you may recognize from one of the Westknits books. Yep. He's famous.

I've been so busy all day. I had ceramics this morning and directly after that, I attended a reading featuring NJ author Paul Lisicky.

Mass Media class immediately followed that and then I found myself knee deep in InDesign working (barely) on the Layout for Rewrites 30 with my two favorite professors in the whole wide world.

I eventually ended up at home, where I stood on the couch and screamed the lyrics various show tunes while taking shots of swedish fish flavored vodka.

Don't judge me.

We all need to unwind.

After my personal party, I made my way to the bookstore where our Tuesday Night Knitting Club takes place and worked on some top secret things for awhile, before coming home and putting on my pajamas.

And that's brings us to the present; in which I drink a cold decaf latte, eat leftover sushi and watch reruns of "The King of Queens" before I pass out on the couch.

What did you today?


Lilea said...

I love it when you call me that!

I can't take credit for the pillow idea... it's on Ravelry!

Kira said...

I was going to comment on how fun it must be to do all of those crafty things for school, but then I read "swedish fish flavored vodka." That exists? Like, it is actually made to taste like swedish fish?

Erin Joy said...

I dug through and sorted out piles of tiny plastic cowboys and indians, collected disparate game pieces into ziplock bags, about broke my back in doing so, then vacuumed the carpet twice. How can two small boys make such a big mess??? Pass me some of that swedish fish vodka, will you?

Mmmmm... bacon...

Grateful4Crochet said...

I have never heard of fish flavored vodka, and I am trying with all my heart and soul not to judge, but believe I may be hit with a giant fail!!
I am sooooooo sorry :)

Anastasia said...

what a frickin awesome tuesday. your personal party sounds like wonderful performance art that you go to see and youre like "wtf" but at the same time youre secretly like "THIS IS ME"

"fairy craftmother" is also the best thing i've read today

Jen said...

Swedish fish vodka is neat. I don't like vodka much compared to other liquors, but it's so fun!

I can't wait to get my yarn unpacked so I can teach myself to knit and get back on the crochet boat.

Erin Kate said...

Love all the pictures!

Jessi said...

Busy day!! Sweedish Fish Vodka??

eat my shorts said...

I adore these photos of everyone's hands busily creating awesome stuff. Very cool! :)