knitxcore.: Vinyl Monday: Veruca Salt.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vinyl Monday: Veruca Salt.

Vinyl Monday


I effing love Veruca Salt. They are the epitome of the frenetic early 90's girl rock sound. Sure there are tons of super "important" bands I could reference here (like L7 or Bikini Kill) but my very favorites of the era are what I guess folks would call one-hit wonders; bands like Letters to Cleo, Luscious Jackson or Tracy Bonham (all of whom actually have more than one great song).


It may have been the extensive airplay or the strategic placement in popular movies but the one-hit wonders are the songs that have become the soundtrack of my life. Maybe I somehow identify with their the quick rise and fall or the sort of satellite quality of these pop-culture loners? Either way, they hold a special place in my heart and they are the songs/bands that I return to over and over again when I'm feeling nostalgic.

What one-hit wonders are part of your own life's soundtrack? Why?


Sian Lile said...

ha! i had this on tape! awesome.x

Dana said...

I loved Veruca Salt back in the day and apparently I still do. Thanks for a nostalgic Tuesday morning :)

julia phelps said...

oh man, i used to love these guys! but, probably my favourite guilty-love one-hit-wonder band was 'til tuesday. i still secretly listen to those guys all of the time!

Marlena said...

From the same era, I fell in love with Jill Sobule, despite the fact that the song Supermodel, which introduced me to her, doesn't really sound like her other stuff.

I've always had a think for female musicians, so the Riot Grrl movement of the '90's was totally speaking my language, and it gained momentum right when I needed it most: late teen-early adulthood. The first time I listened to Bikini Kill was a revelation! And L7 was my soundtrack senior year!

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I effing love VS too.

I had a live video of Tracey Bonham & the crowd was throwing mud on stage. She was getting really pissed off.

I guess she could have ripped her tampon out & threw it in the crowd.