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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Damn the man, save the Empire!

MSDEMRE EC016 record store day 4 My creation

Did you know that today is INTERNATIONAL RECORD STORE DAY (and Iggy Pop's birthday)?
I work in a store that sells records, but we are too large of a company to participate in the festivities. Luckily, a there is an independent record store just a few steps away!

I actually went to work early to see what they had before I clocked in. I got the last Paul Simon Graceland re-release that they had in stock, and I picked up Leonard Cohen's live EP for good measure. When I was getting rung out, I saw the 7"s behind me; I gave in and bought M. Ward's special release as well. They had this crazy Feist and Mastadon split, but I had already done enough damage.

I know it's not a super big deal to everyone, but it really is to me! It's so important for there to be "holidays" to support independent business in general, and in a industry like recordings things always get a muddied up. It's great to see the industry and the artists support these indie shops with special limited edition releases that people will be banging the doors down to get their hands on.

I can't wait to listen to my new records! YAY!!!!

Did you go to a record shop today? What'd ya get?


Sarah said...

I went to Record Store Day in Seattle!

I picked up the 7"s from Grouplove and Foster the People. I also bought 10"s from Fun. and Of Monsters and Men.

Eartha Kitsch said...

Whoohoo! And amen! I heard today that there are only something like 2000? 3000 record stores left in the U.S. - That's crazy talk. I didn't go today due to budget constraints but AM listening to records bought previously in tribute.

Lisa said...

The Feist/ Mastadon split single is pretty good - I got to listen to both songs while driving around lost on Friday night ~_^ I didn't buy any records though - I need a record player first, I think! ^_^

LittleCanoe said...

I hope someday they create a "Buy Some Damn Art" holiday, I would really appreciate that! I didn't make it to record store day because of other obligations. But I'll be buying some vinyl in no time, I'm sure! Nice finds on your part!

Rich said...

I was excited to pick up Tom Waits' "Swordfishtrombones" from the Tunes in Northfield. Then I went to Effie's and "borrowed" some of her old Cat Stevens LPs.

I'm bringing you those cassettes tomorrow; I've been on another uncluttering kick this weekend.

Lesley Jean said...

Love it! We always make sure to support Record Store Day. My kids think its a real honest to goodness holiday! We only have a few small record stores in town so we make it a point to buy from them all year 'round instead of Best Buy or something. Luckily hubby is a dj and we write all record & cd purchases off on our taxes! (Thats why we got so much yesterday.) lol

Sian Lile said...

ooo great buys! i didn't get to go to my local record store... but am due a visit soon.
i heard that people were queueing outside our local independent record store from 2.45am! how cool is that? it doesn't open until 9.30am!xxx glad you had a good day.x

Sir Thrift-A-Lot said...

I used to get that I looked like Lucas from Empire Records quite often when I was in school. Got it from people who didn't even know each other in different cities. I was always jealous of Liv Tyler in that movie, I wanted to be her.

I went to a record store with my boyfriend. I was looked through the used records for a Patti Smith record. Everything is digital for him, always has been. He went up to the counter & asked the woman if they had any in the used section without me knowing & she said, "I don't know what we have. We have some new, but no clue what we have used. We have some more used LPs, DVDs & CDs upstairs." My boyfriend, uneducated on the subject, said, "he wanted it on record.." & the woman said, "YES, AS I SAID, THEY WE HAVE USED LPs UPSTAIRS."

She made him feel so stupid. I wanted to reach across the counter and slap her.

I didn't make it to my favorite record stores in the city - but there are 364 (sometimes 365.) other days a year to buy & support!

Anonymous said...

When I was in high school, I wanted Empire Records to be my life. Oy.

Nice selections of tunes there! Graceland is amazing and I love it forever!