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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

recharging; free music edition.


I've been pretty quiet this week, huh?

On Monday, I had to read at a Creative Writing Colloquium because I'm receiving a Communications award at school. I always feel really uncomfortable reading my actual writing (which is a little different than the conversational style of the blog). A majority of my body of creative writing work focuses on very solitary, personal moments and to read it out loud to a group seems so inauthentic to it's voice. I'd prefer for people to find a quiet spot to enjoy it on their own.

Yesterday, I had my regular classes and an induction into Sigma Kappa Delta (an English Honor Society) which was very nice, but in the context on my already draining week, it was just a little awkward. The guests at the table with Rich Russell and my self, were just a little unsavory.

Upon receiving my award, Rich had said that I "express a unique sensitivity that seeks to highlight the often fragile yet always beautiful human condition". Beautiful, right?

Unfortunately, this also means that when things get tough, I spend a lot of time in the fetal position.

It's not all bad, I'm not looking for sympathy; just a little break.

There's always one week in the semester that makes me want to lie face down in bed and listen to records (or my ipod). Regardless of my genre du jour (freakbeat, folk, grunge) there are certain artists that I look to to help push my through the days where hot tea and a quilt seem like the only answer.

I met Caleb (of Happiest Lion) on Flickr over a hundred internet years ago. We keep tabs on each other's projects and offer support when it should. We're also both "babies for Sufjan" (Caleb's words). haha, His album, "Mammoth Moon" is definitely one of my "desert island discs".

Gah! Can you believe that Tinyfolk just give away most of their music for free? Saints.

This is one of my favorite songs ever. Wisdom Tooth's entire "Cathedral Park" album is pretty great.

(I'm pretty sure that you can download songs from each of these artists at; I'm waiting for a new password)

Tomorrow, I'm presenting a group project and rushing home to light incense, clap in the corners of rooms and make circles of salt around every single thing that I own. Cleansing energy, or whatever. Maybe Rich will lend me his Mala beads?

(Just kidding! Count those things, sir!)

What have YOU been up to?


Lisa said...

Hey - well done on your award! I hope this coming week is bit more relaxing for you ^_^

Marquesa Jen said...

Congratulations! Hope you get some relaxing in. I don't know about your part of the east coast, but in mine it's a little drizzly, but those kind of days are good for just laying about.

Lilea said...

I had no idea... Congratulations!

Colby Kern said...

Congratulations on your awards and inductions :p