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Sunday, April 29, 2012

On FUN. and Authenticity.

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See that band up there? Cute, right?
That's "The Format". They don't exist anymore.
According to an interview, Nate Russ (the guy with the flip flops and shaggy hair) had become disillusioned by the corporate structure of the industry. Unwilling to compromise with major labels, The Format's album "Dog Problems" was self released.

Totally virtuous.


Last night, I finally got to see Nate's new band FUN.
I'm sure you've heard of them. They had a song on Glee,


My friend Kellyn and I were super excited to go to the show, only once we arrived, Russ berated former Format fans, calling us assholes or something really close to it. He went on further to explain that this show was intended to celebrate FUN. and to leave the past in the past; they were only going to sing their own songs.

Later they covered the Rolling Stones.

This weekend, I've been spending a lot of time contemplating what I think are authentic experiences and comparing them to the more sterilized counterparts.

I understand that at some point in artist's career that money does become important. You can't live in a van forever; but making taking a moment to really understand what eating out of trashcans and shopping at the goodwill had afforded you with is so important. Honest experience outweighs porcelain veneers and $300 hair cuts, and if you let that all slip away, what are you left with? Teeth that can go in the dishwasher and a creepy fashion mullet.

The metallic aftertaste of FUN.'s performance only left me to further reflect on the importance of humility, especially regarding those who are in the public eye.

The transformation of Russ's ideals in the past several years became abundantly clear as he wagged his tongue at pre-teen theatre kids, and dismissed his more loyal and dedicated fans.

It was almost sad to watch him struggling to impress his new fly-by-night fan-base, who will most like move on to whatever artist Glee covers next.

I hope the 15 minutes of fame that he is enjoying now bodes well; but I don't think that he deserves it anymore.

Sorry Nate,

-a disgruntled fan  spectator


Lisa said...

Urgh, that sounds really disappointing for you ... and that guy sounds like an idiot >_<

If it makes you feel better though, I think I've heard Dog Problems before while We Are Young was totally new to me - so he's not as popular as he might think ~_^

emilyjune said...

omg i knew that was the singer from the format! but i hadnt googled it yet, but you could hear the voice! i have their album interventions and lullabies, great album.

emilyjune said...

sucks hes such a douche now :/

Eartha Kitsch said...

Uggh, total jerk move. He'll regret that one day as we often find that we burn bridges that we're going to need to turn around and use some day. And it's just crazy to be rude to *anyone* who has paid money to see you.

Rich said...

I'm going to write about dental veneers tomorrow.

Kira said...

Oh man, that is a bummer. I totally remember listening to the Format back in college. I don't watch Glee so I didn't know anything about the new band. Sounds kind of like a jerk guy.

Stela said...

Yuuuuck. I use to love the format. I tried giving fun a chance but I just couldn't. What a hypocrite.


Wow, that sucks man. I still blast The Format's "The First Single" especially on hot summer days, like what we've had here in LA lately. I dig the new song and band, but not the new attitude. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

That makes me really question the whole authenticity of a lot of people are reading this. I really don't like when people become that bitter and let the 15 minutes get to their head, it just shows their true color.
I do enjoy fun. but I a part of me is backing off because I don't want to enjoy music that was created by someone like this.

Anonymous said...

Except for, tweens are the most powerful consumers in America and tween girls are the most loyal. So maybe he's just making a very smart business move.

Marquesa Jen said...

That's a damn shame. It's sad that he felt like he had to act like that because they've gotten into the spotlight big time. Hopefully the next band you see if a little more humble :)

Paula McGrath said...

while I would love to believe he just *naturally* became an asshole, we have to put into perspective what could have occurred behind the scenes, or other situations with fans.

who knows - perhaps Format fans chided his Fun efforts months ago. Perhaps they berated his commercialism.

You never know! Though, in my little 'ol opinion, there really isn't any excuse for him to be so rude...

little said...

what's really funny is the first time i heard "we are young" on kroq, they introduced it as the format. we are young is the only song i have from fun. i have every format album.

Natali Puga said...

I'm glad to have stumbled across this. A friend and I recently had a pretty long discussion about situations like these, and how The Black Keys fell into this similar routine. I suggest watching a really great documentary that goes over "big money" music, it's called "I Need That Record!".