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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pottery Epiphanies


Today was such a strange day. One of those days where the sky is the wrong color blue and the clouds are are an unnerving shade of grey; they have a sort of surreal 3D quality that makes you want to pull the covers back over your so you can try again.

I listened to creepy psychedelic music and laid in bed until I had to pull myself together (barely) to meet some people at school.

I had to take the bus today, because Dave had class; it's no big deal, I do it a lot. By the time I got to the school Dave called and told me that he had stopped at home and locked his keys inside. A really nice girl drove me home, and back  to school; the crisis was averted. She told me a really funny story about an awful date she had recently and we laughed loads.

I got back to school and the group I was working with disbanded, except for one guy who had somehow cut his hand really badly in the time that I was gone. He was bleeding a lot, so we decided to call it a day.

Not wanting to waste my time on campus, I decided to go work on a few things in the ceramics studio. I walked in and saw the regulars; familiar faces that made me feel comfortable/safe/whatever but, today (in following the surreal precedent that had already been set) there was a new face.

Sitting in the back on the left, there was a small bearded man with big red glasses. In my mind, I played the hipster or homeless game, trying to figure out what his "deal" was. Nobody seemed to be talking to him, and he definitely looked like he was struggling with the pottery wheel (just like me!).

I got my tools together, prepped my clay and found a seat next to the mystery man. After both us watched each other fail several times at producing a simple cylinder, there was a sort of cosmic connection; circumstance had put us into the same situation and without words we bonded.

That's when I noticed he was wearing two different shoes.

Again, the day was already weird. Why wouldn't he be wearing two different shoes?

I figured that I should just go with the flow. The girls had been giggling about him, The other guy just kept smiling and looking up. I really had no idea what going on. The clay dust was making giant clouds, everything was hazy and covered in mud, and I'm pretty sure my decaf latte had actually been caffeinated; I threw caution to the wind.

I introduced myself to the bearded man in the mismatched shoes.

He immediately perked up and started talking so quickly (and so much) that I couldn't keep up; just non-sequitur references to comics books and TV shows, cartoons he liked, actors he thought were cool. By now, the others were in an uproar; giggling and leaning on each other for support. It didn't help that he had a sort of funny voice.

However, I was legitimately interested in what he had to say, and he had seemed so thrilled that I was listening that he talked until he had left for the day.

Upon his departure, comments were made about his unorthodox social skills and his attire, and I couldn't help but feel like a piece of me left with him.

The conversation after he had left the room, had left me feeling drained/depressed.

I get it, he was weird. Whatever.

While he was in the room it had vibrated with positive energy (at least for me, personally) and after he had left it felt like heavy weights were placed on my shoulders, and all that I wanted to do was lay on the floor in the fetal position.

It's really strange how just the smallest amount of negative energy can completely drain you within seconds.

I've been home now for about two hours and I'm just starting to shake that clay dust out my hair.

How do you combat negative energy? 


Lesley Jean said...

Its so wonderful that you actually talked to that guy instead of just writing him off for being weird. When we step out of our comfort zone, thats usually when magic happens. Or just a breather. Something extraordinary. A truly alive feeling. I hope the rest of the day has been more comfortable for you!

Lisa Gutierrez said...

Was this a kindergarten pottery class? Because holy moly some of your peers sound kind of immature. To be honest, the kindergarteners would have been more polite.

Negative energy is such a drain. I would love to just sleep through it all, but I'm not afforded that luxury, these days. Instead, I try and focus my whole being on the positives. If I don't see any, I make some up! I don't fool myself into thinking things are always going to be good, but the bad doesn't have to be SO BAD, you know? I would focus more on how cool that mystery man was instead of how terrible those others guys made you feel. It was their loss.

Lilea said...

Oh... I love your man with the mismatched shoes. I hope you meet him again. Your story makes me wish I had talked to the man I saw today who was wearing leather chaps and boots with spurs on them! Yep, he even jingled when he walked.

I guess it was that kind of day. Almost like cartoon characters had come to life.

Stela said...

It is pretty crazy how negative energy can bring you down. I've had that happen recently and I ended up burying myself under blankets and watched my fav comedy show. Being under warm blankets make me happy! haha
I hope you're feeling better. And kudos to giving a stranger a chance.

Rich said...

This is really lovely, Robert. It reminds me of that line from Audre Lorde's essay "The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action," when she cautions us not to rob ourselves of ourselves or of others; "that we not hide behind the mockeries of separations that have been imposed upon us and which so often we accept as our own."

Sarah said...

Wow. Some of your classmates need to learn compassion. I love the positive energy that he was giving off! Sometimes odd people can be the best... and as I tend to not fall into any particular "group", I totally sympathize with this guy.

You're amazing. I'm so glad you stayed above their negativity and showed that guy some love!

Xoxo, Sarah

Eartha Kitsch said...

That sounds horrible. To laugh at him after he left was bad enough but while he was there??

And I'm sure that he knew too. He's probably used to it but that doesn't make it right. Let's hope that deep inside, they noticed your acceptance of and interest in the man and took a lesson from it. It might not soak in for years but maybe they did. Uggh, that said...I want to bitch slap them. I get so tired of people judging other people like that. He's like everyone else. He's got heart...he's got stories to tell...he has interests... I'd chose you and the mismatched shoes guy to come to my house any day over those twittering twits.

Stacey Roberts said...

oh you dear thing, this made me so sad. I know exactly what you mean. You are so kind to have given this soul the time of day, I bet he was thrilled. It's terrible to see the nasty side of others, just because someone is different. Sadly it happens more than we'd like, and we're left to fight off the ugliness from our psyche. You did good, gorgeous xx

Paula McGrath said...

It really bums me out when people are so cruel :<

Lisa said...

That sucks that your classmates were being so cruel ; _ ;

Although you got stuck with negative energy afterwards, at least you and he shared some positivity first (maybe that helps a bit?)

I'm not very good with dealing with negative energy; where I'm working at the moment has a really bad atmosphere and I try to cope by counting down the days until I leave, listening to music to drown out my colleagues, going for walks at lunchtime, and sometimes having a little cry in the toilets.

Remembering good times and having fun plans to look forward also helps - I hope your classroom becomes a happier place soon!