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Friday, April 13, 2012

What I Wore: 4/13/12

wiw 41312

wiw 41312 2

wiw 41312 3

Hoodie: American Apparel, Tee: Spotted Moth, Khakis: GAP, Boat Shoes: Sperry, Monogrammed Backpack: L.L. Bean.

Today, I tossed all of my camera equipment into my backpack and took a walk to the "free library" on the side of the road; more on that this weekend. I stopped at this weird quarry/construction site place to take my WIW photos.  My tripod didn't do well in the sand; it keep leaning over but I'm sharing the pictures anyway. Haha.

I saw this shirt on Jeremy Larson (via @elsiecake on Instagram) a few weeks ago and had really wanted it. Luckily Elsie and Jeremy had done a "What I Wore" post shortly after and gave away the details. So stoked! I hope it shrinks a little in the wash, though; the sleeves are a tad too wide.

I 'm going to make some decaf french press coffee and put my feet up until it's time for work.

What are you doing today?


Mandy Ferrugia said...

Love your style, mister. That top and hoodie look awesome together!

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

that is a great shirt!

Kira said...

I saw Jeremy wearing that shirt too and commented on how much I loved it. I think I need to buy one for my husband :)

Sian Lile said...

ooo really like the stripey top! and the header - yum.x

LittleCanoe said...

Cute beachy look! Great shirt, I can't resist stripes, not ever.

shakti said...

New blog design! Whooo!

As always, you look awesome.
I had a backpack just like that only mine was blue.

Leigh-Ann said...

you're so cute robbie