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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cape May Zoo: Birthday Fun!

Zoo0712 027

Zoo0712 007

Zoo0712 014

Zoo0712 009

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Zoo0712 028

Yesterday, I touched quickly on our trip to to the zoo. You didn't think I was going to forget to show you pictures of the animals, did you?

Unfortunately, I realized that its incredibly difficult to take good pictures at a zoo. There are so many fences, guardrails, and plexi-glass windows that 90 percent of my photos are blurry or obscured in some way. However, the best part about this particular zoo is that they have a "savannah" and "grassland" area where you get to walk on an elevated boardwalk to observe the animals without any of those awful obstructions.

In the grassland area, I fell deeply in love with that white deer (the 3rd picture). I honestly almost cried when I saw it. It didn't even seem real. I can't believe an animal that magical looking could even exist. Isn't it beautiful?! That deer may become a source of inspiration for some Christmas crafting in the future :-)

We had a really pleasant visit. I can't wait to go back and check up on all the sweet little furbabes that stole my heart!

What have YOU been up to this weekend?


Melissa said...

Wow - I assume the black swans are from Australia. Every day I walk my dog around a bay (in Far South, Tasmania) and there's black swans out on the water. When they take off to fly, they sort of run and flap across the surface of the water - it sounds like a round of applause!
The white deer is so very sweet and other-worldly. :)

halfwhiteboy said...

the goat is gorgeous. love animals!

look see said...

Love the swans and the giraffe! :)

Lisa said...

Great photos! I love going to the zoo to see the giraffes ^_^ I like the idea of the grassland and savannah areas too; it sounds like they would make for a nice zoo experience.

Rich said...

Tyler and I attended the swanky yacht club fundraiser. (Parenthetical: it was good you were otherwise engaged: what we saw there we will never be able to un-see/was so uncomfortable.) The next day the two of us visited Walt Whitman's house and tomb in Camden. For a Whitmaniac such as I, it was transcendent. said...


shakti said...

Lovely pictures! The white deer is beautiful - do you know what kind it is? At first I thought it was a goat. oops!