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Wednesday, June 13, 2012




I got the most wonderful package in the mail from Grateful4Crochet a few days ago and I felt like I just had to show it off! It was part of a Pay-it-forward style giveaway, so keep your eyes peeled, I'll be doing my part shortly!

She sent me a metric ton of handmade cards, a wonderful little book (made from a dashiki, can you stand it?) and a handful of really fun old buttons! It's sooooo amazing to see fiber artists branch out into other mediums, I think that we have a very unique way of looking at things.

I just wanted to take a second to officially thank Grateful4Crochet, and to show off a bit of her handiwork!

Go check out the blog :-)


Grateful4Crochet said...

awwww, so glad you got it, and liked it!!!
still feel bad about dismembering that dashiki but!!

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

that is so cute! and i thought of you yesterday because i noticed there is an "african fabric and daishi store" around the corner from my house! haha, so whenever you want, come over and i'll take you on a shopping spree!

Lisa said...

That is such a cool notebook! Lucky you! ^_^

Emy Augustus said...

what a fun textured notebook! The postcard is adorable too.

Veggie Mama said...

oh man I know jealousy is a sin and all that, but does that still count if you're an atheist? I love these!!

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this! <3

Kitiya Palaskas said...

I love doilies! That's a great idea for a notebook cover.