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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Time-Machine Tuesday: Scopitone Dance Party!


Scopitones have become my latest obsession. According to what I have read, they were a type of jukebox that played 16mm films along with music that found their heyday in the US somewhere around the early 1960's.

I found a few Scopitones videos one day after searching for some Herb Alpert stuff and was immediately hooked . Bright colors, fun music and quirky dance move abound.

Check out a few of my favorites!:

Herb Alpert is the king of fun!

I've loved Lesley Gore ever since the first time I watched Hairspray!

This song's an old favorite!

You not still sitting down, are you? Get up and shake those hips!

Have you ever heard of a Scopitone before? Do you love these videos or what?


JefferyK said...

Oh, gosh: Back before YouTube, there were Scopitone nights at theaters and bars here in San Francisco. So much fun! I have seen many of the clips, and it is hard to pick a favorite. But lately I have been really liking this one:

Erin Joy said...

Check out those boys in their ponchos! Robbie - did you steal Wonder Boy's glasses?n

Lisa said...

Such a cool machine! That first song reminds of something you'd hear in a 50s movie if the characters were on a cruise ~_^

Sian Lile said...

amazing! i hadn't heard of them (tho bert had) reckon we could get together with JefferyK and reinstate those scopitone parties??