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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Etsy Shopping Spreeee!

etsy spree

I had a little Etsy shopping spree this week! More and more often, I've been turning to Etsy for my DAILY needs (soap, cologne, tea, etc). I really do want to make an effort to support handmade as much as possible and I think that incorporating small handmade things into my daily routines make them that much more special.

I talk ad infinitum about Good4You on my blog and other social networking accounts, but I really can't begin to explain just how important it is to me. Every night before bed, I have a cup of herbal tea. When I pick things up at Target or the grocery store, they just don't pack the same punch; this tea is high quality stuff. Dave had a creepy little summer cold last week and I swear that the "Cheer Up" tea cured him overnight. He felt better the next. He doesn't believe it's as magical as I do, but what works, WORKS! Right?

On another note, I usually buy pretty expensive John Varvatos cologne and I go through it really quickly (2-3 months a bottle). In an effort to save a little money AND to find a more distinctive signature scent; I typed scents that I like into the Etsy search bar and it returned "Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground" from Paintbox Soap Company. It came today, and OH MY GOD, it's perfect, Exactly what I was looking for; woodsy, smoky, and mysterious. It doesn't hurt that the fragrance pays homage to the White Stripes, either.


So, I'm proposing that the next time you need deodorant or moisturizer that you should audition something handmade first. If you can't afford to pick out dream products on Etsy, why don't you try making the things you need yourself? I promise that I will make every effort to support handmade whenever a situation warrants. It may require a little more planning and little less impulse shopping, but it is definitely worth it.

Do you use any handmade products regularly? TELL ME ABOUT THEM!!!!!


Melissa said...

Hi Robbie,

I've checked out that Etsy store and love the scented balms - there's a couple of solid scents on my wishlist. I haven't bought anything homemade for a while - but I've just made my first 10 litre batch of laundry liquid, care of this site
It washes without harsh chemicals, took about 15 minutes to make and cost me about $2 for the whole lot!

Van said...

I can't wait to go on an Etsy homemade hippie soap/tea spree...not until I get my online shop launched though. It'll be my reward ;)

I only use all natural stuff and swear by the oil cleansing method (displayed here, you'll note her skin is perfect: It works, I tell you, it's magical. I also love everything I've tried by 100% pure (

I think I shall re-start my nightly herbal tea regime as well. Thanks for the reminder ;)

Lisa said...

Oh, that tea sounds great! And I love that song ^_^

Rae - Say It Ain't So said...

for some reason i hadn't even thought of etsy for my basic daily stuff!
i love the deodorant funk butter by oyin handmade. i've been buying it online for years and it works great!