knitxcore.: (Analog) Monday: Romeo + Juliet.

Monday, September 03, 2012

(Analog) Monday: Romeo + Juliet.

ROMEO & JULIET romeo Collage

So, I can't stop watching My So-Called Life. My life for the past three days has consisted solely of knitting on the couch sharing the company of Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano while trying to eat my body weight in parsley.

Since all that I can think about is Claire Danes, I found the Baz Luhrman's Romeo +  Juliet Soundtrack most apropos for today's (analog) Monday. This cassette appears courtesy of the always supportive Rich Russell, who feeds the angsty teenager that still lives inside me every chance he gets. Well, that sounded weird. Whatever. It's late and I'm hungry. I really can't think of anything except the moment when Dave is going to get home with a 7-layer burrito and a root beer for me.

I've been feeling really anxious lately because I start classes at a new school on Wednesday. I keep having dreams about high school, or dreams where people from high school show up. Not bad ones or anything. High school was actually a pretty good experience for me. I guess this Analog Monday has a two-fold purpose for me, actually. The summer before I started high school, two friends and I watched Romeo and Juliet religiously. We must have seen it in the theatres at least ten times. As soon as it came out on VHS, we watched it every single day and so the soundtrack has become super nostalgic to me.

As I embark on yet another educational facet of my life, I'm looking back to what made the others so special and hoping for the same.

This post is definitely dedicated to my high school BFFL's Heather and Sheena, whom I haven't seen in quite awhile but still think about always. I miss you girls!!!!

And with that being said, Wish me LUCK!!!! I'm gonna need it :-)


Sian Lile said...

good luck!!
i love romeo and juliet film (the shrines the shrines!) and the soundtrack too. i have the soundtrack on cd....

Nicholas said...

Oh, high school, how I kind of don't miss it. But the music, it was amazing. This film, combined with Clueless, also cemented my love for Paul Rudd.

And new school! You will be brilliant and have many, many new adventures!

Applesin said...

Good Luck Sweetie Pie, I know you'll knock them dead! And Luhrman is amazing, Moulin Rouge is one of my favorites <3

eliza said...

oh my gosh, goooood luuuuuuck! starting a new school, how stressful! i recently watched my so called life for the first time, and was somehow slightly shocked at how good it was, despite having been told that from almost every source ever. ^___^

Meream said...

Mr. Lurrman makes delicious movies, doesn't he? Also I married Jordan Catalano in my head years ago! :D

Best of luck! What classes are you taking?

luminousvegans said...

I absolutely adore Luhrman's movies. I own both Romeo + Juliet and Moulin Rouge. They fulfill the hopeless romantic in me. If you need more Claire Danes, my partner is always going on about "Homeland" and how good it is, but I haven't seen it yet.