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Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Dani doesn't really need an introduction, I'm sure youve seen her posts on this blog in the past, and she's a familiar face on my Instagram account as well.I'm really excited to share this post with you about her new self-published book! Her work is so raw and honest; really moving stuff.


i’ve been holding out on everyone and working on a secret project and it’s finally finished and you can hold it in your hands - a collection of poems i wrote from the perspective of myself if i were my ‘alternative.’ addiction, withdrawal, despair, hallucinations, near-death experiences, throwing up in parking lots. all of it is previously unreleased material that is sickening and dark like my…released material?
this project has actually proven itself to be quite a controversial one...but i challenge you to actually READ the book, before passing judgement on the theme. before making assumptions about what i have and haven't been through, or survived.
i’ve seen a lot, and sometimes i write about it. last thing i want to do is appear to be taking addiction lightly, or mocking people who have dealt with or are currently dealing with addiction. but addiction is such a broad term, and while i may not have struggled in the particular way i’ve portrayed in my writing…i sure have struggled.
i am currently working on two other books that will both be released in upcoming months, as well as a collection of super gut-wrenching zines available via my etsy!!


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Amy Fabritiis said...

Hello there :) I am definitely intrigued by this. I am a fellow poet myself and have always thought about writing a book because I wanted to get my work out there. I hope I get a chance to read yours and take a walk through your journeys, it sounds inspiring and I absolutely love reading from other people's perspective no matter the subject.