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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alright, Alright...

I guess I'm sort of obligated to post something. It's been about a week, but i don't really have a lot of knitting progress to catch you up on. I did however, get to go to the beach. It's amazing how i get absolutely no tan. It was fun, though. I went into the ocean for the first time, it was crazy, i couldn't stop thinking about how many people were peeing (lol).

I just got Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins.

I know I'm a little late on it, but i had one of those nifty CoinStar gift certificates. I love all things on Team Love Records but this isn't my favorite. I <3 Tilly and the Wall. If you haven't heard them, you should give Bottoms of Barrels a listen. The band features a tap dancing percussionist, and while it sounds like something that should never have left a musty basement, they can pull it off.

Oh yeah! this is my knitting blog, isn't it?

The yarn for my Moderne Log Cabin Blanket came yesterday!!! The colors are actually a better match than i had planned. I casted it on last night as soon as i got home. Turns out i need a really big circular, so if anyone knows where i can get one the isn't a billion dollars, lemme know!

I know everyone is itching to see the sock, but SOMEONE deleted my entire series of sock pics... I promise I'll put pics up this week. In addition, I have a few WIP's on the progredd bars now. I started a Mitered Square Rug, in some good ol' Red Heart (an X-mas gift, Thx Ann!) to get used to picking up stitches for my blanket. I also added the Knucks to my WIP section even thought they have to wait until my sz. 4 dpn's come out of the socks.

It's my day off, we all know what that means... I've got dishes to do :-)


Midnight Purls said...

What size needle do you need for the blanket? I can check and see what I have. I'm so glad you got a copy of MDK. Now I don't have to give mine up to you anymore. LOL.

Let me know what time you guys will be around on Sunday. I'd love to come up an show you the blanket progress and see your sock progress as well!

Gloria said...

Maybe try knitpicks' new needles? They seem to have cord sizes up to 60". Plus you can always load up on their cheap yarn. =)

Midnight Purls said...

The plymouth is really soft. I bought it at Webs, 9 balls of it! I don't think I showed you any of the yarn I bought there now that I think about it. If I remember I'll bring some of it up there next time I come up. You have to smell the Silky Wool. i love the smell of it! LOL.

Impossible Princess said...

It's amazing how i get absolutely no tan. It was fun, though.

LOL you sound like my DH