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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


(still no photoshop!)

My niece, Vanessa, has been begging to come over and I finally found a pocket of time to hang out with her today. We both really like glitter and glue.


I was rushing through A.C. Moore looking for a cheap, fun craft and this is what I came up with.
We ripped sheets of tissue paper into little pieces and glued them to ball jars and then sealed it with glitter mod podge. THE MOST FUN!

I kept calling them "candle holders", but you can put whatever you want in the jar, really.
While everything was drying, we made pumpkin bread with cream cheese filling (from a box, I have no business baking).

I had my first crafts class today! (More on that whole ordeal later, I may have to vent). We are making punch rugs as our first project. I'm going to do a Charley Harper inspired owl, I think. We'll what happens. Poppies would be cool, too. I don't know.

It's been an incredibly long day, and the melatonin is starting to do it's job.
Good night, don't let the bed bugs bite.


Coming Up...

-Hurricanes and He-Man
-The Never-Ending Braided Rug Maybe a Failure.
-The First Roll of Film From My Diana Mini
-Acrylic Stash-busting + Vintage Craft: God's Eye

...and much more


jenjerpeach said...

i do not have nearly as many (none actually) ball jars as one would hope to have, but i know what i'm gonna do once i get some.

emilyjune said...

keen choice on the glitter modpodge! and i want to make some of those yarn pom poms!

Anastasia said...

Ahhh yarn pom poms. If you glue googly eyes on them they become alive. Also I am so intrigued by this braided rug sir.

Magical Day Dream said...

This makes me want to make candle holders :)



eat my shorts said...

Hooray for glitter, glue and those awesome jars! :)

Lisa said...

Your crafternoon looks like fun ^_^ I've been directed over here via Meet Me At Mikes, and, after reading through your older posts in a way that is certainly not creepy nor stalkerish, I'm sure I will be back!
Also I love the font you used on your photos ^_^