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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hey! Pizza Face!

hey pizza face

Remember that relaxing bath I was bragging about yesterday?!

I decided to do a facial scrub, to really ham it up. I didn't realize it, but I had like 5 zits on my face!

Now, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this adolescent nightmare (so let's not lose our heads or anything). Not too long ago, I had read about SPF moisturizers becoming a catalyst in certain types of cancers. Scary stuff, right?

hey pizza face 2

I decided to toss the ol' SPF 15 day cream for a natural serum that I bought on etsy. I'm just having a difficult time adjusting, I guess? I ordered a second moisturizer, just in case.

In the meantime, I did warming facial mask and I'm going to follow up with some clove oil spot treatments.

Have you ever bought any skin care items on Etsy? Did you like them?


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steven andrew said...

That's pretty scary regarding the cancer. I didn't even realize that.
I need to do a facial scrub, oh man.. my face is terrible sometimes. :\

Colby Kern said...

Oh, I have really annoying and sensitive skin. I'll go weeks & weeks with beautiful clear skin, and then one morning I'll wake up with a zit...or three. I hate it.

I've never bought a skin cleanser off Etsy, but I swear by cetaphil products.

Rae said...

your skin is probably just breaking out since you are changing skin care. especially going from traditional stuff to more natural. i'm a body care buyer for whole foods and my skin is in a constant freak out state because i want to try all the samples i get sent! haha. i'm trying right now to stick to just one line. we'll see how long it lasts.

Anastasia said...

I had not bought face stuffs from etsy but I'd been thinking about it. Maybe I wont :|

But yeah, in my experience any change in your daily facial routine will eff thangs up. BUT if you stick with it it'll calm down. :D