knitxcore.: finished: rug punch.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

finished: rug punch.

finished: rug punch.

finished: rug punch.


This rug is the reason I took a day off from blogging. It was due on Wednesday morning. I worked on it all day Tuesday. I even took to Lea's house (where our knitting group meets) because I had to get it done.

▲▼▲▼▲Project Particulars▲▼▲▼▲



♥For Rug-Burlap, 4 Skeins of Vanna's Choice Yarn.
♥Frame- 2 18" Canvas Stretchers, 2 24" Canvas Stretchers, Martha Stewart Fine Glitter in Fire Opal, Matte Mod Podge.


♥Over 20 hours!

Final Thoughts:

I love the finished project, but never thought it would be as time consuming as it was. I have a new respect for any crafters that attempt punching rugs. My back hurt for days!

I had painted the frame with gold acrylic paint first and I hated it. It just didn't pop. It wasn't metallic enough. I was watching Martha one day; they were coating shoes with glitter and they looked amazing! Inspired, I used the same technique to finish the frame and I adore it. Glitter makes me insanely happy.

I'm so relieved that it's finished. I can focus on my bird mask again. Matter of fact, I'm going to nestle into the couch, watch project runway and cut out crepe paper feathers.

What have you adorable readers been up to?


Coming up...
-the finished Bird Mask.
-MORE Vintage Halloween Inspiration
-a pile of Finished Fabric Pumpkins
-A Haircut
-and maybe a finished sock?
...Stay Tuned!!!


Anonymous said...

You are a genius and I just love this.. I'm not a fan of glitter, but it works and it looks SO good! :)
I've been reading - SO much better than punching rugs, obviously! (Just kidding.. by the way. Haha!)

Applesin said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Good Job! A++++

Sian Lile said...

i love it and i love the frame. i've been mainly preparing halloween activities for children....

eliza said...

whoo! good on you, sir. the bird is excellent, and i really like the effect of the glitter frame... you wouldn't happen to have a link for a how-to? or want to post a how-to??? maybe?

Shaheen said...

The rug is outstanding, but I have to admit - I am coveting those mushrooms :)