knitxcore.: FO: an autumnal garland.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

FO: an autumnal garland.

fo: an autumnal garland.

fo: an autumnal garland.

fo: an autumnal garland.

Can you believe it? I actually finished something!

Materials: Cheap felt and a piece of scrap yarn.
Time: 2 hours? maybe? I made while I watched TV.

Isn't it cute? I have to figure out how to take a decent picture in the house so I can show you what it looks like hanging in my living room. Until then, enjoy these ones :-)


Coming up...
-the finished Bird Mask.
-Vintage Halloween Inspiration
-a pile of Finished Fabric Pumpkins
-WIP: Punching (ANOTHER) Rug.
-A Haircut
-and maybe a finished sock?
...Stay Tuned!!!!


Colby Kern said...

Aww it is very cute, and I think I will be trying it...tonight!

Anonymous said...

Totes adorbz! I love it! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Why am I not this creative?!
This looks so cute!

Jessi said...

oh it turned out great! I especially love it draped on the cat picture

Stela said...

Yours is so cute! I just made some to hang in trees at our wedding!